Trisha Calvarese Leads Democrats Vying for Chance to Take on Lauren Boebert

Trisha Calvarese, a Democrat running for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District, has emerged as a strong contender in the primary race. Born and raised in Highlands Ranch, Calvarese left Colorado to work for the U.S. Civil Service and the AFL-CIO. However, she returned to the state in the fall of 2023 to care for her aging parents. Her unique position in this race lies in the fact that her name appears on both the Democratic primary ballot and the ballot for the special vacancy election to fill out the remainder of former Congressman Ken Buck’s term this year. Let’s delve deeper into Calvarese’s background and positions on key issues.

A Hometown Candidate with Union Roots

Calvarese’s campaign materials highlight her work as a speechwriter for the AFL-CIO and the National Space Foundation. She played a crucial role in shaping messaging in support of significant legislation, including the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Inflation Reduction Act, and the Chips and Science Act. These measures have directly impacted jobs for residents of the 4th District.

Trisha Calvarese campaign

But Calvarese’s commitment to democracy extends beyond politics. Drawing from her union roots, she emphasizes the need to bolster democracy not only in the political sphere but also in the workplace. In an era dominated by AI and technology, workers must have a voice in shaping their working conditions, benefits, and overall job outcomes.

Priorities: Good Governance and Economic Relief

Calvarese recognizes the importance of passing a budget and funding the government promptly. Delays in critical legislation, such as crop insurance and the Farm Bill, directly affect people’s incomes and livelihoods. She proposes reversing the rule that allows a single member of Congress to force a vote on removing the House Speaker, a rule that led to last year’s ousting of Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

On the economic front, Calvarese aims to tackle inflation and improve the economy. She targets “price gougers” and advocates for policies that benefit everyday Americans. For her generation, buying groceries has become a luxury, and she seeks to address this disparity. Additionally, she emphasizes the need to bring innovative jobs to rural Colorado, especially in the absence of a traditional four-year university in the 4th District. Creating pathways to excellent jobs without necessarily requiring a four-year degree is a priority for her.


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