Afternoon Thunderstorm in Tri-state Leaves People Stranded and Roadways Flooded

A strong thunderstorm hit the Tri-state area on Wednesday afternoon, leaving a trail of flooding and stranded individuals across the region. Mohave County was particularly affected, with several areas experiencing hail, lightning, and even tornado warnings.

Thunderstorm in Tri-state Leaves
Thunderstorm in Tri-state Leaves

Flooding in Laughlin Almost Reaches Car Windows

In Laughlin, the flooding was so severe in some areas that it almost reached up to car windows. The roadway at Casino Drive and Thomas Edison Drive became impassable due to flooding, and as of 7:30 p.m., Casino Drive was closed both ways between Harrah’s Laughlin Casino and Bay Shore Inn. Swift water rescues were made throughout the area, from Bullhead City down to Golden Shores.

Traffic Diverted Due to Flooding in Bullhead City

Bullhead City also experienced significant flooding, particularly at the area of SR-95 and 7th Street, which was closed for a period of time in the afternoon. The north and southbound lanes were closed, causing traffic to be diverted to Bullhead Parkway via Laughlin Ranch Road. However, city crews were able to clear the affected area and get traffic flowing again around 5:30 p.m.

Weather Round-Up in Tomorrow’s Edition

The Mohave Valley Daily News will provide a detailed weather round-up for the Tri-state area in tomorrow’s edition, giving readers a comprehensive overview of the storm’s impact and any potential aftermath.

The severe weather conditions remind us of the importance of being prepared for unexpected natural disasters. Stay safe and stay informed by following local weather reports and emergency protocols.


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