Wisconsin Dells For Adults Guide: Things To Do & Where To Stay

Looking for a fun-filled getaway for adults? Look no further than Wisconsin Dells! Known as the waterpark capital of the world, this destination has so much more to offer beyond just waterslides and lazy rivers. In this guide, we’ll take you through an extensive list of awesome things to do in Wisconsin Dells specifically curated for adults. From feeding and petting deer at the Wisconsin Deer Park to taking thrilling jet boat tours, exploring state parks, enjoying delicious food at local establishments, and even experiencing portrait sessions in Old Abe’s Old-Time Portraits, there’s something for everyone. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Wisconsin Dells!

Wisconsin Dells

Awesome Things to Do in Wisconsin Dells for Adults

Experience the best of Wisconsin Dells for adults with an array of activities and attractions. Unwind and rejuvenate with a luxurious spa day at one of the resorts, like Sundara Inn & Spa or Wilderness Resort, nestled in the serene beauty of Wisconsin Dells. Immerse yourself in nature as you embark on a scenic boat tour along the picturesque Wisconsin River, capturing the essence of the region’s natural beauty. Indulge your taste buds at the upscale restaurants or visit wineries and breweries like Fawn Creek Winery, where you can savor the finest beverages.

For thrill-seekers, Wisconsin Dells offers exhilarating adventures. Feel the adrenaline rush as you zip line through the treetops with Bigfoot Zipline Tours or try your luck at the local casinos. Explore the charming shops and boutiques downtown, or visit attractions such as Noah’s Ark, the largest waterpark in America. Unleash your competitive spirit with go-kart racing at Big Chief Go-Karts or challenge yourself with mini-golf at Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf.

Wisconsin Dells is not just about outdoor thrills. Discover the rich history and culture of the area at H.H. Bennett Studio & Museum or take a fascinating Dells Boat Tour to learn about the rock formations and Frank Lloyd Wright’s influence. Escape the hustle and bustle at Mirror Lake State Park, where you can enjoy hiking, kayaking, or simply immerse yourself in the peaceful surroundings. From live music to happy hour specials and yoga sessions, there is always something happening in Wisconsin Dells.

Feed and Pet the Deer at the Wisconsin Deer Park

The Wisconsin Deer Park in Wisconsin Dells offers adults a chance to experience something truly special. Interacting and feeding deer is a unique and exciting activity you can’t miss. With over 100 deer of different species, including white-tailed deer and fallow deer, the park provides a truly immersive experience. Bring some food along to feed the deer, and get ready for some amazing encounters. The Wisconsin Deer Park also offers educational presentations that give you insights into deer and their habitats. Make sure to add feeding and petting the deer at the Wisconsin Deer Park to your list of best things to do in Wisconsin Dells.

Take a Dells Duck Tours

Explore the beautiful scenery of Wisconsin Dells with a unique and exciting twist on the Dells Duck Tours. Board an amphibious vehicle, called a “Duck”, and embark on a tour that will take you on an adventure on both land and water. This thrilling ride combines informative commentary with magnificent sights of the Wisconsin River, Lake Delton, and the impressive rock formations of the region. Be sure to bring your camera along to capture the picturesque views during your Dells Duck Tour. Discover the best of Wisconsin Dells and create lasting memories on this fun and memorable experience suitable for adults of all ages.

Take a Jet Boat Tour

Experience the thrill of a Jet Boat Tour through the scenic canyons of the Wisconsin River. Feel the adrenaline rush as the high-speed boat performs 360-degree spins and power slides, providing an exhilarating ride for adventure enthusiasts. Let the knowledgeable captains guide you through the river, sharing captivating information about the region’s history and diverse wildlife. These tours offer a perfect way to discover the stunning rock formations and natural beauty of Wisconsin Dells. Make unforgettable memories on this exciting adventure.

Experience the Lost Canyon Tour on a Horse Drawn Carriage

Indulge in a unique and romantic experience during your visit to Wisconsin Dells by taking the Lost Canyon Tour on a horse-drawn carriage. This tour allows you to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the area, traversing through stunning canyons and admiring the picturesque rock formations, charming waterfalls, and a rich array of wildlife. Whether you’re a couple seeking a romantic escape, a group of friends looking for a memorable adventure, or simply want to immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Lost Canyon, this tour is the perfect way to do so. With its suitability for all skill levels, the Lost Canyon Tour guarantees a delightful experience that will leave you with lasting memories. So, hop on the carriage, breathe in the fresh air, and let the Lost Canyon captivate you with its serene allure.

Taste Your Way Through the Grateful Shed

At the Grateful Shed in Wisconsin Dells, adults can embark on a unique dining adventure. This vibrant establishment captures the essence of the Wisconsin Dells experience, complete with its vintage Airstream trailer-turned-bar. Step inside and immerse yourself in a nostalgic atmosphere while treating your taste buds to a variety of delectable dishes. From gourmet burgers to fresh seafood, their menu caters to all palates. Indulge in a craft cocktail or explore their extensive beer and wine selection, all while enjoying live music. The Grateful Shed is a must-visit destination for those looking to taste their way through the vibrant flavors of Wisconsin Dells.

Play and Swim at Noah’s Ark Waterpark

Noah’s Ark Waterpark, located in Wisconsin Dells, is a premier destination for adults seeking a thrilling and refreshing experience. As one of the largest water parks in the United States, it offers an array of attractions that cater to adults’ taste for adventure. From exhilarating water slides to relaxing lazy rivers and wave pools, Noah’s Ark has it all. What sets this waterpark apart is its adult-only areas, like the Endless River, where adults can unwind and enjoy a peaceful retreat. Cabanas can also be rented for a more luxurious experience, providing a private oasis amidst the bustling park. Indulge in the delicious food and drinks offered at the park’s restaurants and bars, or join in on the special events, including live music performances and themed parties that take place throughout the year. Enhance your stay in Wisconsin Dells by choosing a nearby resort or hotel that offers packages including admission to Noah’s Ark Waterpark. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Noah’s Ark Waterpark is the perfect destination for adults looking to make unforgettable memories.

Race at Big Chief Go-Karts

Big Chief Go-Karts in Wisconsin Dells offer adults a thrilling attraction that satisfies their need for speed. Race against friends or family members on the go-kart track, which features exciting twists, turns, and straightaways. With safety gear like helmets and seat belts provided, you can enjoy a safe and exhilarating racing experience. Unleash your competitive side and strive for the fastest lap time as you navigate the challenging course. Explore the go-kart racing at Big Chief and feel the adrenaline rush through your veins.

Explore the Tommy Bartlett Exploratory

The Tommy Bartlett Exploratory is a must-visit attraction in Wisconsin Dells. Located in the heart of Wisconsin Dells, this science and technology center offers a captivating experience for adults. With its interactive exhibits, you can explore the fascinating world of science, from robotics to space exploration. Don’t miss the live science shows and demonstrations that take place throughout the day. Whether you’re a science enthusiast or just looking for a unique and educational experience, the Tommy Bartlett Exploratory is a perfect choice. Embark on a journey of discovery and immerse yourself in the wonders of science.

Experience Mirror Lake State Park

Mirror Lake State Park in Wisconsin Dells is a hidden gem for adults seeking a peaceful escape from bustling tourist attractions. With its acres of scenic landscapes, Mirror Lake State Park offers a wide range of outdoor activities including hiking, boating, and fishing. Adults can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the lake and surrounding forests while enjoying the tranquility of this serene location. Whether you want to go on an adventurous hike, explore the lake by boat, or simply relax in a picnic area, Mirror Lake State Park has something for everyone. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the peaceful oasis of Mirror Lake State Park during your visit to Wisconsin Dells.

Take a Redbeard Bowfishing Tour

Embark on a thrilling adventure with a Redbeard Bowfishing Tour on the picturesque Wisconsin River. Feel the adrenaline rush as you aim for carp and gar while enjoying the stunning views of Wisconsin Dells. Skilled captains will accompany you on this unique outdoor activity, ensuring you have all the necessary equipment and guidance. Indulge in bow fishing and discover the many hidden gems the Wisconsin River has to offer. Additionally, Wisconsin Dells provides numerous opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment, including wineries, spa treatments, and picturesque state parks like Mirror Lake State Park. Immerse yourself in the diverse experiences available, ranging from serene nature retreats to thrilling waterpark adventures. Wisconsin Dells truly has something for every adult seeking a memorable getaway.

Get Your Portrait Taken at Old Abe’s Old-Time Portraits

Old Abe’s Old-Time Portraits in Wisconsin Dells offers adults a one-of-a-kind experience to capture memories of their visit to this picturesque destination. Step back in time as you dress up in period costumes and have your portrait taken in a variety of themed settings, including the enchanting Wild West and the elegant Victorian era. Located in downtown Wisconsin Dells, Old Abe’s Old-Time Portraits provide easy access for those exploring the area’s many attractions. Don’t miss the chance to take home a unique and personalized souvenir from your trip to the waterpark capital of the world. Immerse yourself in the rich history and natural beauty of Wisconsin Dells and create lasting memories at Old Abe’s Old-Time Portraits.

Play Mini-Golf at Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf

Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf in Wisconsin Dells offers a fun and challenging mini-golf experience for adults. With 18 holes filled with pirate-themed obstacles and decorations, this course provides a unique and entertaining atmosphere to enjoy a game of mini-golf. It’s a great opportunity for adults to showcase their putting skills and engage in some friendly competition. Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf also offers special deals and discounts for groups, making it an affordable option for entertainment. After a round of mini-golf, visitors can explore the surrounding area and indulge in other attractions such as water parks, shopping centers, and restaurants. With its exciting setting and competitive spirit, Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf is a highlight of things to do in Wisconsin Dells for adults.

See Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Explore the fascinating world of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in Wisconsin Dells. This popular museum, located in the heart of this charming city, is a must-visit attraction for adults. Discover a collection of oddities, artifacts, and interactive exhibits that will leave you amazed and intrigued. From shrunken heads to bizarre artwork, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Go beyond the ordinary and immerse yourself in the strange and unusual. With its convenient location and captivating displays, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is a top choice when seeking unique experiences in Wisconsin Dells.

Eat Breakfast at Paul Bunyan Restaurant

Located in the heart of Wisconsin Dells, the Paul Bunyan Restaurant is a must-visit spot for adults looking to start their day off right. This popular breakfast joint is known for its large portions and mouthwatering food. Step inside and you’ll be greeted by a rustic, lumberjack-themed decor that adds to the dining experience. The menu offers a wide range of breakfast options, from fluffy pancakes to delicious omelets. But the star of the show? Their famous giant cinnamon rolls are big enough to share (or not!). Fuel up with a hearty breakfast at Paul Bunyan Restaurant before you embark on your adventure-filled day exploring Wisconsin Dells. [108 words]

Visit H.H. Bennett Studio & Museum

The H.H. Bennett Studio & Museum is a hidden gem in downtown Wisconsin Dells, the ultimate tourist destination in Wisconsin. Step into this historic studio, built in 1875, and be captivated by the extraordinary works of renowned landscape photographer H.H. Bennett. Immerse yourself in the exhibits that showcase the evolution of Wisconsin Dells, a bustling downtown area with a rich history. Gain insights into Bennett’s life and his innovative photography techniques through an engaging guided tour. This enchanting museum is an opportunity to not only witness the beauty of Wisconsin Dells but also delve into the artistic vision of a talented photographer.

Experience Mt. Olympus Resorts

Mt. Olympus Resorts in Wisconsin Dells offers a diverse range of attractions and activities for adults to enjoy, making it one of the best things to do in Wisconsin Dells. The resort features both indoor and outdoor water parks, complete with thrilling water slides and lazy rivers, providing endless opportunities for fun and excitement. Guests can also indulge in the spa services available at Mt. Olympus, including massages, facials, and body treatments, ensuring a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. With a range of accommodations, including luxury suites and cabins, Mt. Olympus Resorts caters to all preferences and needs. In addition to the water parks, the resort offers go-kart racing, mini-golf, and various other entertainment options, providing non-stop fun for adults. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Mt. Olympus Resorts is the ideal destination for a memorable getaway in Wisconsin Dells.

Go Snow Tubing, Skiing, or Snowboarding in Cascade Mountain

Cascade Mountain in Wisconsin Dells is the perfect destination for adults looking to embrace winter activities. Experience the thrilling adventure of snow tubing, skiing, and snowboarding in the picturesque setting of Cascade Mountain. No previous experience or equipment is required for snow tubing, making it an accessible and enjoyable activity for all. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Cascade Mountain has a wide range of slopes and trails that cater to different skill levels. From beginners’ lessons to rental equipment, the resort ensures that all guests have an amazing experience. Embrace the beauty of the winter landscape and create unforgettable memories at Cascade Mountain, one of the best things to do in Wisconsin Dells for adults.


In conclusion, Wisconsin Dells is not just a destination for families and kids. There are plenty of exciting activities and attractions for adults to enjoy as well. From feeding and petting deer at the Wisconsin Deer Park to taking thrilling jet boat tours, exploring Mirror Lake State Park, or experiencing the fun at Mt. Olympus Resorts, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or delicious food, Wisconsin Dells has it all. Plan your next adult getaway and create unforgettable memories. Ready to start planning? Visit our website for more information on things to do and where to stay in Wisconsin Dells.

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