Striking Writers Mock Jenna Ortega Over ‘Entitled’ Wednesday Remarks

Striking Hollywood writers have been playfully mocking Wednesday star Jenna Ortega following her controversial comments about the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. The young actress, who stars as Wednesday Adams in the Netflix series, was criticized for her comments at the time, with producer Steven S DeKnight calling them “toxic” and “entitled”.

Striking Writers Mock Jenna Ortega Over 'Entitled' Wednesday Remarks
Striking Writers Mock Jenna Ortega Over ‘Entitled’ Wednesday Remarks

Jenna Ortega’s Comments Spark Controversy

The controversy began when Ortega posted a tweet expressing her support for the WGA strike but also noting that she had to work during it due to contractual obligations. This sparked criticism from many people in the industry, including producer Steven S DeKnight who called her comments “toxic” and “entitled”. In response to this backlash, Ortega later clarified her remarks and apologized for any offense caused.

Striking Writers Mock Jenna Ortega

In light of these events, striking writers have taken to playfully mocking Ortega on the picket line. According to The Hollywood Reporter, some writers have even gone so far as to change lines in their scripts that reference Wednesday’s character in order to poke fun at the situation. For example, one writer changed a line from “Wednesday is so brave” to “Wednesday is so entitled”.

Despite this mockery, many people have come out in defense of Ortega and are standing behind her during this difficult time. It is clear that while she may not have expressed herself perfectly, she was simply trying to show support for an important cause and should not be judged too harshly for it.


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