Richard Glossip’s Attorney Appeals to Supreme Court for Murder Conviction

Richard Glossip, who has been on Oklahoma’s death row for more than two decades, has yet again been denied relief from his conviction. However, his lawyer, Don Knight, has announced plans to appeal to the US Supreme Court in Glossip’s case. Inarguably, Richard Glossip’s case is a high-profile one, and each appeal hearing has drawn in a considerable amount of media coverage.

Richard Glossip's Attorney Appeals to Supreme Court
Richard Glossip’s Attorney Appeals to Supreme Court

Background: The Upheld Conviction

On Thursday, April 20th, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals upheld Richard Glossip’s murder conviction, much to the dismay of his associates and supporters. Glossip was first convicted and sentenced to death in 1998 for the murder of his former employer, Barry Van Treese. Glossip has always maintained his innocence and claims that he was wrongly convicted. In 2015, he came within one day of execution before the state of Oklahoma agreed to hear his case.

The New Appeal

Despite multiple appeals, Richard Glossip’s conviction has been upheld repeatedly. His attorney, Don Knight, told reporters on Thursday that he was disappointed with the latest ruling and would continue the fight for his client. Knight plans to take the case to the US Supreme Court, arguing that the trial had serious flaws from the beginning. Due to the notoriety of Richard Glossip’s case, it is unclear whether the Supreme Court will take the case or what the outcome will be.

The Public’s Reaction

Since his conviction in 1998, Richard Glossip has had a vocal and active group of supporters who believe that he was wrongly convicted. They have organized protests, written articles, and even created a documentary about the case. As news of his attorney’s plans to appeal to the Supreme Court spreads, those supporters are once again rallying to his side. They say that Richard Glossip is a victim of a corrupt criminal justice system and that justice cannot be served until his conviction is overturned. The reaction of the broader public is not clear, as opinions on the death penalty and how it is administered often vary wildly depending on whom you ask. However, one thing is for sure: Richard Glossip’s case will continue to make headlines until the final verdict is reached.


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