Queen Elizabeth of England, who flew the flag of England for 70 years in power and rule: President of India, President of the United States, etc.

London: The body of the Queen of England, who has been in power for 70 years, will be cremated this evening. Leaders including President of India Dravupati Murmu and US President Joe Biden will participate in the funeral. But as 7 countries including Russia were not invited, the leaders of those countries did not participate in the funeral. Elizabeth II (96), who was the Queen of England for 70 years, passed away at Balmoral Castle on the 8th. After the Queen’s death, her eldest son Charles (73) became King of the country. His son, Prince William, became the new Prince of Wales.

The Queen’s body was taken from Balmoral Castle, first to Edinburgh. It was then brought to Buckingham Palace in London. The Queen’s body was placed in the Parliament complex from the evening of the 14th. For 4 consecutive days, thousands of people gathered in floods and paid their last respects to the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth of England, who flew the flag of England for 70 years in power and ruleMore than 2,000 heads of state including kings, queens, presidents and prime ministers of the world have gathered in London after the Queen’s body was laid to rest this evening. In particular, world leaders including US President Joe Biden and Indian President Draupadi Murmu paid tribute to the Queen’s body, which was placed in Westminster Hall. Even though leaders of many countries including India participated in the funeral, Russia, Belarus, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Syria and Venezuela were not invited. So no last tribute was paid to the queen on behalf of that country.

In this case, the event of paying tribute to the queen came to an end this morning. The funeral rites will then begin at 3.30 PM IST. Shops and businesses closed across the UK for the Queen’s funeral. Drones banned from flying at Queen’s funeral Heathrow Airport does not operate flights. Heavy security has been put in place as it is the funeral being held with state honors in London after 57 years.

The Queen’s body will be carried in a military vehicle with soldiers honoring her. The Queen’s crown will be carried in procession from Westminster Hall to the Abbey. Once the motorcade reaches Windsor Castle, the Queen’s coffin will be handed over to the Archbishop of St George’s Church there. After a moment of silence there will be a Tripartite musical tribute. Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, a senior member of the Church of England, will preside over the Queen’s funeral.

After that, Queen Elizabeth’s crown will pass to Camilla, Charles’ wife and the new queen. The Queen will then be buried next to where Elizabeth’s late husband Prince Philip is buried. According to reports, the funeral services will end by 5 pm.

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