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Plerdy Appsumo: Boost conversions and buff your SEO by keeping tabs on user behavior. Your site hasn’t been converting visitors into customers, and you can’t tell if it’s your design, copy, or a lack of SpongeBob memes. But you can’t poll every visitor who bounces off your site, and blindly “optimizing” through incremental changes is time-consuming.

Plerdy’s heatmaps let you analyze site behavior with several different reports. You can see scroll maps, scroll depth, idle mice, text selection, cursor hover, and click sequences as they appear on your live site, not a screenshot. From there, you can analyze user clicks and actions based on dynamic elements, as well as segment data from different traffic sources or devices.

Click Here to Buy Plerdy Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Plerdy Appsumo

That way, you can get valuable insights into what is and isn’t working, so you can make effective changes. The tool offers more than 25 conditions and capabilities, like email collection, callbacks, banners, and subscribe buttons. Customize the pop-ups to fit your business, or use them to segment users into different groups based on their responses.

Even better, the pop-ups don’t slow down your site loading times, since they’re not present on the page when it loads. Thanks to the SEO checker, you never have to worry about losing visitors to bad search engine performance. Plerdy runs a quick daily analysis to give you a thorough SEO report, and you can select which tests you’d like to run to focus your efforts.

Make corrections instantly and tap into a before/after mode, which lets you record page changes to see new updates. On top of that, you can analyze keywords and content performance with the mobile-first Google Search Console API. With Plerdy, you’ll be able to analyze the recordings for a specific type of traffic or device, segmenting the data down to more manageable sizes. There’s even the option to view individual videos or different sessions of a specific user to see changes in behavior.

You can also optimize your conversion funnel by tracking the actual number of users who have gone through it. Plerdy even collects purchase and sales data to break down your most profitable traffic and device sources. You’ll be able to see which site elements users clicked before you made the sale for insights in boosting your web design. With Plerdy, you get detailed information on user behavior like heatmaps, traffic type, and session recording, so you can easily increase your website conversions.

Click Here to Buy Plerdy Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Plans and Features

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All future Business Plan updates

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GDPR compliant

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