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OYO Secures $50 Million from InCred at $2.38 Billion Valuation

OYO, the hospitality unicorn, has successfully raised $50 million from InCred Wealth and Investment, marking its first significant capital infusion in nearly three years. This funding round values the company at $2.38 billion, a substantial decrease from its peak valuation of $10 billion. The investment is part of a broader $100 million round that OYO is raising from family offices and high-net-worth individuals. This move comes as OYO prepares to refile its draft prospectus for an initial public offering (IPO).

Strategic Funding Amidst Valuation Drop

OYO’s recent funding round is a strategic move to bolster its financial position amidst a significant drop in valuation. The $50 million investment from InCred Wealth and Investment is crucial for the company as it navigates the challenging market conditions. This funding is part of a larger $100 million round that OYO is raising to strengthen its financial profile before its anticipated IPO.

The substantial decrease in OYO’s valuation, from $10 billion to $2.38 billion, reflects the broader market challenges and the company’s efforts to realign its business strategy. Despite this drop, the investment from InCred demonstrates confidence in OYO’s long-term potential. The funds will be used to refinance a $450 million loan and support the company’s growth initiatives.

oyo raises 50 million from incred at 2.38 billion valuation

OYO’s ability to secure this funding highlights its resilience and adaptability in a volatile market. The company has been focusing on improving its financial metrics, including adjusted EBITDA and gross margins, to attract investors and prepare for its IPO. This strategic funding round is a testament to OYO’s commitment to achieving sustainable growth.

Operational Improvements and Expansion

In the past year, OYO has made significant strides in improving its operational efficiency and expanding its portfolio. The company added approximately 5,000 hotels and 6,000 homes globally, enhancing its presence in key markets. This expansion has been accompanied by improvements in gross booking value (GBV) per storefront and overall gross margins.

OYO’s focus on operational improvements has yielded positive results. The company’s adjusted EBITDA increased to $107 million in FY24, up from $33 million in FY23. Additionally, OYO’s gross margins improved, reaching $302 million in FY24. These metrics indicate a stronger financial position and a more efficient operational model.

The company’s expansion efforts are not limited to adding new properties. OYO has also been investing in technology and customer experience enhancements to drive growth. By leveraging data analytics and AI, OYO aims to provide personalized experiences for its customers and optimize its operations. These initiatives are expected to further strengthen OYO’s market position and attract more investors.

Preparing for the IPO

OYO’s recent funding round and operational improvements are part of its broader strategy to prepare for an IPO. The company had previously withdrawn its IPO application twice, citing unfavorable market conditions. However, with the recent funding and improved financial metrics, OYO is now better positioned to pursue its IPO plans.

The $50 million investment from InCred and the broader $100 million funding round are critical steps in this preparation. These funds will help OYO refinance its existing debt and support its growth initiatives, making the company more attractive to potential investors. Additionally, the improvements in adjusted EBITDA and gross margins demonstrate OYO’s commitment to achieving financial stability and growth.

OYO’s IPO plans are also supported by its strengthened financial profile. Fitch Ratings recently upgraded OYO’s credit rating, citing the company’s improved financial metrics and operational efficiency. This upgrade is a positive signal to investors and enhances OYO’s credibility in the market. As OYO moves forward with its IPO plans, the company is focused on maintaining its growth trajectory and delivering value to its stakeholders.


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