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OfBusiness Revenue Nears ₹20,000 Crore in FY24; Profits Cross ₹600 Crore

OfBusiness, a prominent industrial goods and services procurement platform, has reported a significant financial milestone for the fiscal year ending March 2024. The company’s revenue surged to nearly ₹20,000 crore, marking a 25.8% increase from the previous fiscal year. Additionally, OfBusiness’ profits crossed the ₹600 crore mark, reflecting a 30% growth. This impressive performance underscores the company’s robust business model and its ability to scale effectively in a competitive market.

Impressive Financial Growth

OfBusiness has demonstrated remarkable financial growth in FY24. The company’s revenue grew to ₹19,296 crore, up from ₹15,343 crore in FY23. This growth was driven primarily by the sale of industrial goods and financial services offered to buyers on their platform. The company’s total revenue, including interest and other financial activities, reached ₹19,529 crore.

The firm’s profit also saw a significant increase, crossing the ₹600 crore mark. This 30% growth in profit highlights OfBusiness’ ability to manage its expenses effectively while scaling its operations. The company’s cost of materials consumed, employee benefits, finance costs, and other overheads formed the largest cost centers, contributing to a total expense of ₹18,696 crore in FY24.

industrial goods procurement platform financial growth

OfBusiness’ financial performance is further underscored by its improved Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) and EBITDA margin, which stood at 12.33% and 7.44%, respectively. The company’s efficient cost management and strategic investments have played a crucial role in achieving these impressive financial metrics.

Strategic Investments and Market Position

OfBusiness has made strategic investments to strengthen its market position and drive future growth. The company has raised around $800 million, including a $325 million Series G round in December 2021, which valued the company at $5 billion. Alpha Wave is the largest external stakeholder with a 19.16% stake, followed by Creation Investment and Matrix Partners.

The company’s focus on technology and innovation has been a key driver of its success. By leveraging advanced technologies, OfBusiness has been able to streamline its operations and enhance its service offerings. This approach has not only improved customer satisfaction but also contributed to the company’s financial performance.

OfBusiness competes with other major players in the industrial goods and services procurement sector, such as Zetwerk,, and Moglix. Despite the competition, OfBusiness has managed to carve out a significant market share, thanks to its innovative business model and strategic investments.

Future Prospects and Industry Impact

Looking ahead, OfBusiness is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory. The company’s strategic investments and focus on technology will play a crucial role in driving future growth. OfBusiness plans to invest further in advanced technologies to enhance its service offerings and operational efficiency.

The industrial goods and services procurement sector in India is poised for significant growth, driven by increasing demand for efficient procurement solutions. OfBusiness’ innovative approach and strong market position make it well-equipped to capitalize on these emerging opportunities.

As OfBusiness continues to scale its operations, it is expected to make a significant impact on the industry. The company’s success story is likely to inspire other players in the sector to explore innovative solutions and strategic investments to achieve their growth objectives.


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