Nodwin Gaming Acquires Freaks 4U: A Strategic Move in the Esports Arena

In a significant development, Nazara-backed Nodwin Gaming has announced its intention to acquire Berlin-based gaming company Freaks 4U. The deal, valued at Rs 271 crore ($32.6 million), will see Nodwin’s Singapore unit increase its existing stake in Freaks 4U to 57%, with the remaining 43% to be swapped later.

The Strategic Share Swap

Nodwin’s Singapore subsidiary, which currently holds a 13.51% stake in Freaks 4U, will gradually increase its ownership to 100% through a series of tranches. This move is expected to enhance Nodwin’s capabilities significantly, leveraging the expertise, experience, and network of the Freaks 4U team. The acquisition aligns with Nodwin’s growth strategy and is poised to contribute to the company’s revenues.

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Synergies and Collaborations

Since acquiring a minority stake in Freaks 4U earlier this year, Nodwin has been working closely with the company’s management. Joint projects, such as the PUBG Mobile Global Open and Esports World Cup (EWC), have demonstrated the potential synergies between the two entities. The decision to proceed with the acquisition is based on positive outcomes from this collaboration.

Nazara’s Expansion Plans

Nazara, Nodwin’s parent company, has been actively pursuing mergers and acquisitions. Earlier this year, it acquired Comic Con India, further expanding its portfolio. With a planned investment of $100 million in M&A activities over the next 24 months, Nazara aims to strengthen its position in the gaming and esports industry.


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