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Nebraska’s Top Test Scorers Choose NU for New Presidential Scholars Program

In a bid to attract the brightest minds in the state, the University of Nebraska (NU) has launched the Presidential Scholars Program. This initiative offers a full-ride scholarship and an annual stipend to top-performing students who achieve perfect scores on the ACT or SAT. The program, introduced in February, has already seen a significant increase in the number of high-achieving students choosing NU for their higher education. This move is part of NU’s broader strategy to retain local talent and enhance the academic excellence of its institutions.

Attracting Top Talent

The Presidential Scholars Program is designed to attract Nebraska’s top test scorers to the University of Nebraska. The program offers a comprehensive scholarship that covers tuition, fees, books, housing, and other costs of attendance. Additionally, students receive a $5,000 annual stipend to support their academic pursuits. This generous package aims to make NU a competitive choice for high-achieving students who might otherwise be lured by offers from out-of-state institutions.

Interim NU President Chris Kabourek, along with Governor Jim Pillen and the NU Board of Regents, launched the program with the goal of retaining the state’s best and brightest students. The initiative has already shown promising results, with the number of students choosing NU doubling compared to previous years. This increase is a testament to the program’s appeal and the university’s commitment to academic excellence.

nebraska top test scorers choose nu new presidential scholars program

The program’s inaugural cohort includes students with perfect ACT scores and equivalent SAT scores. These students represent the future leaders and innovators of Nebraska, and the university is dedicated to providing them with the resources and support they need to succeed.

Celebrating Academic Excellence

The launch of the Presidential Scholars Program was celebrated with an event at the Nebraska State Capitol. Governor Jim Pillen, Education Commissioner Brian Maher, and representatives from the ACT testing company honored 28 top ACT performers. This event highlighted the state’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding academic excellence.

Governor Pillen expressed his pride in the students’ achievements and emphasized the importance of retaining top talent in Nebraska. He encouraged the students to pursue their dreams and contribute to the state’s future growth and development. The event also served as an opportunity for the students to connect with university officials and learn more about the opportunities available at NU.

The Presidential Scholars Program is part of NU’s broader strategy to enhance its academic reputation and attract top talent. By offering competitive scholarships and stipends, the university aims to create a supportive and enriching environment for high-achieving students. This initiative is expected to have a lasting impact on the university and the state as a whole.

A Vision for the Future

The University of Nebraska’s Presidential Scholars Program is a bold step towards building a brighter future for the state. By attracting and retaining top talent, the university aims to foster a culture of academic excellence and innovation. The program is part of a larger effort to position NU as a leading institution in higher education, both nationally and globally.

Interim President Chris Kabourek and the NU Board of Regents are committed to expanding the program and increasing the number of scholarships available. Their goal is to provide full-ride scholarships to all Nebraska students who score a 33 or above on the ACT. This ambitious plan reflects the university’s dedication to supporting the academic and personal growth of its students.

The Presidential Scholars Program is not just about financial support; it is about creating opportunities for students to thrive and succeed. By investing in the state’s top talent, the University of Nebraska is investing in the future of Nebraska. The program is a testament to the university’s commitment to excellence and its vision for a brighter, more prosperous future.


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