Nashville Installs First Rainbow Crosswalk Outside Lipstick Lounge

In a vibrant celebration of LGBTQ pride, Nashville unveiled its first permanent rainbow crosswalk. Located across from East Nashville’s iconic lesbian-owned bar, the Lipstick Lounge, this colorful addition brightens up the intersection of 14th and Woodland streets.

A Colorful Milestone

Hundreds of community members gathered under the sweltering summer sun to transform the standard white-striped crosswalk into a vibrant symbol of inclusivity. Volunteers painted the bright colors, replacing the mundane pavement with a rainbow sidewalk that now crosses city streets. The event was a collaborative effort, with Metro Nashville’s LGBTQ Caucus, Council member Clay Capp, the Nashville Department of Transportation, and Nashville Pride coming together to make it happen.

Pride parade Nashville

A Historic Moment

For East Nashville residents like Adam Barnes and his husband, Luke Finck, this moment holds immense significance. “We’re finally getting a rainbow sidewalk that is crossing city streets,” Barnes exclaimed. The Lipstick Lounge, known for its lively events—from karaoke and trivia nights to drag shows and live music—has been a hub for Nashville’s LGBTQ community for over 22 years. Owners Jonda Valentine and Christa Suppan proudly call it “a bar for everyone who’s human.”

A Visual Representation of Inclusion

The choice of this corner for the rainbow crosswalk was deliberate. As Metropolitan Council District 7 Council Member Emily Benedict explained, these are city roads, allowing the community to take ownership of this colorful statement. For Finck, participating in this historic event is about more than just Pride Month. “It’s throughout the year,” he emphasized. Coury Palermo and Robby Stone, both East Nashville residents, echoed the sentiment. “To see something so prominent where we live is very special to us,” Palermo shared. Stone added, “I think this is just a visual representation of that inclusion.”

Celebrating Diversity

Tfae McFly and Chandler Lewis, who drove out from Columbia to support the queer community, summed it up perfectly. “This is so important,” McFly said. “Everybody’s so happy and in a good mood, and this is such a fun thing to get to do.” As the rainbow crosswalk now graces the streets of Nashville, it stands as a testament to love, diversity, and unity.


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