Meg Ryan Makes Rare Public Outing to Support Michael J. Fox

On Thursday evening, actress Meg Ryan made a rare public appearance in support of her long-time friend and actor Michael J. Fox at the screening of his new documentary about Parkinson’s Disease. The 61-year-old star was seen for the first time in six months, looking unrecognizable and sparking rumors of plastic surgery.

Meg Ryan Makes Rare Public Outing to Support Michael J. Fox
Meg Ryan Makes Rare Public Outing to Support Michael J. Fox

A Show of Support

Meg Ryan was spotted at the screening of Fox’s Apple TV+ documentary, which chronicles his journey with Parkinson’s Disease since he was diagnosed in 1991. She showed up to show her support for her friend, who she has known since they starred together in the classic rom-com “When Harry Met Sally” back in 1989.

Unrecognizable Appearance Sparks Rumors

The actress looked almost unrecognizable from her previous appearances, leading many to speculate that she had undergone some kind of plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures. However, no confirmation has been given as to whether this is true or not. Fans have come out in defense of Ryan, demanding that people “leave Meg Ryan alone” after seeing the attacks on her new look.

An Inspirational Documentary

Michael J Fox’s documentary is an inspirational story about how he has dealt with living with Parkinson’s Disease for over 30 years now. It also includes interviews with other celebrities such as Robin Williams and Muhammad Ali who have also faced similar struggles throughout their lives. The film is set to be released later this year and will surely be an inspiring story for all those affected by chronic illnesses like Parkinson’s Disease.


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