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Maui’s Strategic Wetlands Mapping: A Blueprint for Environmental Preservation

Maui County is on the verge of completing a comprehensive mapping of wetlands across its islands, a project aimed at protecting these environmentally sensitive areas from flooding, pollution, and other threats.

Mapping for Mitigation: Maui’s Wetlands and Environmental Protection

The initiative to map wetlands on Maui, Molokai, and Lanai is part of a broader effort to address environmental challenges. By identifying these critical areas, the county can better manage water flow to prevent flooding, control runoff that may carry pollutants, and safeguard habitats for wildlife.

This mapping project also serves to restore natural barriers against wildfires and offers additional benefits such as carbon sequestration. It represents a proactive approach to environmental stewardship and resilience.


Community Concerns: Balancing Conservation with Property Rights

While the mapping project has been largely welcomed, it has not been without controversy. More than 20 property owners have petitioned to have their lands removed from the map, citing concerns about potential impacts on property values and fears of increased regulation.

The county’s Planning Department is navigating these concerns, striving to balance individual property rights with the collective need for environmental protection. This delicate situation underscores the complexities of conservation efforts in populated areas.

The Bigger Picture: Wetlands Mapping in the Context of Hawaiian Tradition

The wetlands mapping initiative is part of a larger collaboration with the University of Hawaiʻi Sea Grant Program. This partnership aims to reduce flood risks and enhance community resilience by incorporating traditional Hawaiian land management practices.

These practices, rooted in the ahupuaʻa system, emphasize the interconnectedness of mountainous (mauka) and oceanic (makai) regions. The project honors these traditions while applying modern scientific methods to protect Maui’s natural resources.


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