Matrix Partners India Rebrands as Z47: A Strategic Shift for the Future

Matrix Partners India, a prominent venture capital firm, has undergone a significant transformation. The firm’s Indian arm now operates under the name “Z47,” while its Chinese counterpart adopts the moniker “MPC.” This move reflects Matrix’s commitment to clarity, regional responsiveness, and local competitiveness. The US operations will continue as Matrix, maintaining its focus on early-stage investments from its headquarters in Boston and San Francisco.

The Inspiration Behind the Name

Z47 draws inspiration from India’s ambitious journey toward becoming a developed country by 2047. The new name symbolizes growth, innovation, and a forward-looking approach. By aligning with this vision, Z47 aims to empower its portfolio companies, investors, and partners.

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Recent Fundraising and Investments

In May 2023, Matrix launched a fund initially worth $450 million, which was later extended to a target size of $525 million. Over the past year, Z47 has backed several promising startups, including Neysa, InPrime, Krutrim SI Designs, Aampe, Atomic Work,, Stable Money, Grey Labs AI, and Scapia. These investments span diverse sectors, showcasing Z47’s commitment to fostering innovation and growth.

Industry Trends: Rebranding in the VC Landscape

Z47’s rebranding follows a broader trend in the venture capital industry. In June 2023, Silicon Valley-based Sequoia split into three separate firms, focusing on the US and Europe, China, and India-Southeast Asia. Similarly, early-stage accelerator fund 9Unicorns recently rebranded as 100Unicorns. These strategic shifts demonstrate the industry’s adaptability and willingness to evolve.


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