Linked Booster Pitchgrount Discount: Lifetime Deal for $129.99

Linked Booster Pitchgrount: Linked Booster is the social network automation tool that helps you save time, money and level up your professional career. Stand out of the crowd with powerful Lifetime Deal. It brings you lucrative advantages and benefits in a blink of an eye.

Automate LinkedIn activities, Manage 1st-degree connection smartly. Let’s unlock the winning formula.

Using Linkedn for work can be a joyful journey with great partner. eing active Linkedin users for 10 years, we identify 4 biggest pain points for entrepreneur, sales, marketers, recruiters. But what if, just like a fairy tale, there is a tool that can turn your biggest nightmare into a sweet dream?

1. Stress out about generating high quality leads in a limited time.

2. Frustrate to manage > 500 connections manually.

3. Invest too much time to get Linkedn profiles and connections information

4. Be Tired after long hours on LinkedIn.

Linked Booster Appsumo

Click Here to Buy Linked Booster Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $129.99

1. Linked Booster gives you the opportunity to keep your social approach and enjoy with automating most handy tasks include: connect with personalized message, collect with customized tags , visit profiles and many more upcoming features. Thousands of prospects who are most likely to buy can skyrocket 10x revenue.

2. Linked Booster syncs your LinkedIn 1st-degree connections with tags – to save you the hassle of doing it all manually, and help you get back to business. We make it easy to manage, filter, sort out your connection.

3. The product collect your prospect’s information such as location, phone, website, email and other social networks. You can export all data with one-click to CSV and reuse them quickly in other CRMs.

4. Your eyes will say thanks with two dark themes offered by us. Now work and enjoy the wonderful night theme.

Click Here to Buy Linked Booster Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $129.99

Table of view 1st-connection with detailed information and custom tags note, add/edit/remove tag
Allow users to sync & manage their received/sent invitations
Allow user to add/remove multiple tags to multiple profiles at once
Auto-connect profiles on LinkedIn with a personalized message
Auto visit: multiple profiles to engage and get available contact info
Auto-collect available contact information (including name, phone, etc.) from LinkedIn profiles
Helps you create your lists of data based on your search results with tags and notes
Export unlimited all information of LinkedIn profile from Dashboard to CSV file
Your dashboard manages all detailed contact info about your customers w/ Tags & Notes
First LinkedIn support tool with a dark theme (night mode)


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