Lakers’ Anthony Davis Playoff Trend Bodes Well for Game 3 Against Warriors

The Los Angeles Lakers have been on an incredible run in the playoffs, and their star player Anthony Davis has been a major factor in their success. However, Davis has had an odd trend of alternating between incredible performances and mediocre ones against the Grizzlies and Warriors. Despite this, his latest performance bodes well for the Lakers as they prepare to face off against the Warriors in Game 3 of their Western Conference Semifinals series.

Lakers' Anthony Davis Playoff Trend Bodes Well for Game 3 Against Warriors
Lakers’ Anthony Davis Playoff Trend Bodes Well for Game 3 Against Warriors

Incredible Performances From Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis has been nothing short of spectacular during the playoffs, with some games that have even made him look like the best basketball player in the world. He’s put up impressive numbers throughout the postseason, averaging 27 points per game while shooting 52% from the field and 43% from three-point range. His ability to score at will has been a major factor in the Lakers’ success so far.

Mediocre Performances From Anthony Davis

However, there have also been times when Anthony Davis hasn’t looked quite as sharp as he usually does. In Game 6 against Memphis he scored just 16 points on nine shots, and in Game 2 against Golden State he scored only 14 points on seven shots. While these performances were still good enough to help lead his team to victory, it’s clear that he can do much better than this if given the opportunity.

Boding Well For The Lakers In Game 3

Despite his occasional off-nights, Anthony Davis’ playoff trend bodes well for the Lakers heading into Game 3 against Golden State. His last two games have seen him score 31 points on 13 shots against Memphis and then 32 points on 15 shots against Golden State in Game 1 of this series. This suggests that he is due for another big performance when they take on the Warriors again in Game 3, which could be crucial if they want to take a commanding lead in this series.

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