Kota-Based Institutes Witness 31% Admissions Drop in 2024: Allen’s Rajesh Maheshwari

Rajesh Maheshwari, founder director at Allen Career Institute, has acknowledged a significant decline in admissions to Kota-based educational institutions this year. In a note to educators, Maheshwari revealed that admissions have dropped by nearly 31% compared to the previous year. However, he attributed this decline to “disinformation” against the city of Kota.

Medical and IIT Admissions Hit

According to Maheshwari, there have been 46,000 admissions in the medical quota, down by almost 33% from the previous year. Similarly, admissions in the IIT category have decreased from 33,000 to less than 24,000. Overall, total admissions stand at less than 80,000 this year, compared to 115,000 last year.

Kota educational hub

Kota’s Educational Legacy

Kota, a city in Rajasthan, has emerged as a major hub for students preparing for competitive exams such as IIT or medical entrance tests. Institutions like Allen Career Institute have played a pivotal role in establishing Kota’s reputation as an educational hotspot. The coaching industry in Kota is estimated to be worth Rs 6,000 crore.

Challenges and Controversies

Despite its educational prominence, Kota faces challenges. The rush for admissions has led to the proliferation of small-sized hostels and paying guest accommodations. Moreover, there have been accusations of high pressure on students to perform. Tragically, in 2023, 23 students died by suicide—a number that increased from 15 in 2022. The local administration even ordered hostels to install “anti-suicide” devices on ceiling fans.

Prospects and Competition

As controversies continue over paper leaks and exam cancellations, Kota-based institutes are likely to offer more incentives to retain students and compete with each other. However, addressing the real concerns of aspirational students remains a critical challenge.


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