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Kirana Club: Building India’s largest network of kirana owners

Kirana Club is a Bengaluru-based startup that aims to bridge the information gaps between kirana stores and FMCG brands in India. Kirana stores, which account for 90% of the Indian grocery retail market, have continued to coexist with the massive boom in the e-commerce space. These stores too have benefited from the digital boom as they have begun taking orders on WhatsApp or phone, accepting digital payments, and using several fintech apps for purposes like inventory, employee resources, and credit-debit.

Kirana Club: Building India’s largest network of kirana owners

Kirana Club acts as a trusted influencer, facilitating campaigns and showcasing SKUs, empowering store owners to make informed decisions, enabling brands to directly influence purchase choices. Additionally, the platform enables kirana owners to engage with each other and strengthen bonds between them. The platform is more like a social media channel such as LinkedIn for retailers who are constantly engaging on the platform. Unlike social media platforms, the app caters specifically to Kirana store owners in India. Users can access a unique feed featuring short (2-3 minute) videos and posts (textual as well as photos) in local languages. These personalized feeds showcase content relevant to each user’s geographic location, fostering a sense of community and knowledge sharing among Kirana owners across Bharat.

In six months, over five lakh Kiranas have joined Kirana Club. With a razor-sharp focus on building for Kiranas, the Bengaluru-based company aims to get over a million Kiranas on its platform by the end of 2022. Kirana Club plans to grow business five times next year by expanding its footprint and adding new clients. The company plans to tap into an estimated 13 million kirana stores that play a crucial role in the retail sector to achieve the target of $1,225 billion by FY26.

Kirana Club is not only a platform for kirana store owners, but also a community that supports each other and empowers each other for success. By leveraging its freemium model for kiranas and retailers can access the platform at no cost, and actively engage with other kirana owners, Kirana Club is revolutionizing the way kiranas interact with FMCG brands and consumers. Kirana Club is truly aspiring to be ‘LinkedIn for Kiranas’ in India.


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