Ing. Who is the new prime minister? Result announcement today

London: The decision of who will be the new Prime Minister of England is going to be announced this afternoon. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently resigned from his post. This will be followed by internal party elections to choose the leader of the ruling Conservative Party. The winner will be sworn in as the new Prime Minister. 8 people competed for this post. In this, Indian-origin and former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Foreign Minister Liz Truss were selected as finalists.

Ing. Who is the new prime minister
1 lakh 60 thousand members of the party voted by post and online. Voting ended last Friday. Following this, the votes will be counted and the result will be declared at 12.30 pm local time today. In this, opinion polls have said that Truss has more chances to win. If they win, Sunak and Truss have promised to take the first steps to curb the country’s rising fuel prices.


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