iBlueApps – Mobile App Creator Pitchground Discount: Lifetime Deal for $597.00

iBlueApps – Mobile App Creator Pitchground: Platform to create Android, iOS, Huawei and PWA mobile applications, with deal lifetime and constant updates. We made it possible to create a platform that creates mobile applications for iOS, Android and Huawei and that at the same time can be a PWA. Years of fighting the impossible we did it.

With iBlueApps, you can choose whether or not you want to upload to the app stores. You do not need to publish in Apple, Google, or Huawei store, thanks to our unique registered and patented system that gives you the option to create your app and build for stores. But if you do not want, our system generates a PWA, which allows you to see your app with a url and if you want with custom domain.

On a computer, they view it with a landing page with multiple designs, and on iOS or Android, it gives you the option to see the app, review and download the app directly. Another great option is to send visible push messages to web, iOS and Android visitors without the app being published in stores. With absolutely zero coding knowledge, create a native app for iOS or Android. Our platform has tutorials, help areas, and support.

Click Here to Buy iBlueApps – Mobile App Creator Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $597.00

iBlueApps - Mobile App Creator Pitchground

It works for any type of business or service: online stores, doctors, sports, dating, and hundreds of niches; it is infinite. You can charge online, cash on delivery, reservations, and many more options. Every month in 2022, we will apply new modules, layouts, and templates.

There are also no extra fees and all upgrades are included.

  • Active PWA Function. With this you do not need to publish your app in the app stores.
  • We activate your account with White Label with its own domain, our brand will not appear anywhere and you can sell to your clients as if it were your own platform.
  • We give you unlimited applications, you can create apps for yourself and your clients with this Lifetime plan.
  • Unlimited changes, make all the changes your app requires.
  • All future updates included for life.
  • Unlimited Modules, Templates or Layouts.
  • Control Panel for you and your work team.
  • Performance analytics and feature analytics.
  • Unlimited Push Notifications. By zones or for all.
  • Integration with Shopify, Prestashop, WordPress, Magento and More.
  • No additional fees for life, but you can request, with an extra charge that we build it.

We create the best module on the market, the solution to the problem of Stores.

With our Super PWA Module, you don’t need to publish your app in any store. You can do it, if you wish or determine, but the idea is to make it easier for any app creator to have an intelligent link that when shared, the user has access to all the content of the app in a URL. (url can be customized)

When the visitor sees the app or opens the app from a url, the platform asks if they like the app, they can download it right there or save it on their desktop. The user accepts the invitation and it is downloaded automatically. And what is the advantage? that I download the app without having gone through any App Store.

In addition, the system creates a beautiful landing page with design and the most important elements, a background with the design that you prefer, your company logo, QR code that directs them to where you determine and most importantly, the app is displayed with all of them. , absolutely all the features that you added to your app.

Finally, our commitment for more than 13 years in the market is to create a very powerful platform with many high-value updates, which will create a 100% profitable business for everyone who creates their app on our iBlueApps platform.

iBlueApps - Mobile App Creator Pitchground

Click Here to Buy iBlueApps – Mobile App Creator Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $597.00

The platform is ready to create an app for any type of business, person or services. No matter what you do, you can create an app for whatever you need.

Example 1: Store, warehouse, either with a physical address or only online, it is possible to create an app with which you can sell your products and charge online through a payment gateway or on delivery.

Example 2: If you have a company or are a real estate agent, you can create an app with reservations, properties, maps, galleries, etc

Example 3: Do you have a restaurant, do you sell fast food at home or do you simply want your guests to reserve their place in your restaurant? you will be able to create the appropriate app for the needs of your food business. Even if you have several branches, you can add addresses, and that the sales of your restaurants are reflected in your system, notifications via email of orders and reservations.

Example 4: Do you dedicate yourself to health ?, doctor, dentist, you have a clinic, hospital, gym, a spa, etc. you can create an attractive app that sells the services you offer. Imagine, they reserve their space on the date and time, according to the availability you have on your Healty site.

The types of businesses are infinite, as already said, iBlueApps works for any type of business, professional or service that offers something through an app.

As if all of the above were not enough, during the year 2022, we will make many updates, we will add incredible modules with hundreds of options to improve any app on the market. Designs with great layouts and templates.


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