How will the hybrid model work of companies like TCS and Infosys be implemented?

Coronavirus infections have started spreading again in different parts of the country. Thus, employees are interested in knowing what work model is going to be followed in their companies. Companies like TCS, Infosys, and HCL Tech have already announced that hybrid model work will take place. Most IT companies take steps to bring employees directly to the office. At the same time, most employees are still working from home.

Work in the office a few days a week

Some IT companies have advised you to come to the office and work a few days a week. However, some companies still allow employees to work from home. An official from the industry said, “Corona infections are on the rise again. Therefore, the work-from-home model does not seem to be coming to an end in the current context, ”he said.

TCS and Infosys

Does work take place in the office?

A recent study by TeamLease, a leading human resources and manpower hiring company, found that “by 2022, 58 percent of companies will be in office, ranging from technology to manufacturing, from wholesale to retail, from healthcare to the automobile sector.” 43.5 percent of HR leaders say employees who want to come to the office want employees to come directly to the office and work. About 76.78 percent of employees said they should be given the opportunity to choose how they want to work.

Tata Consultancy has already announced the launch of the TCS model

, a hybrid work model that works from home a few days a week and from the office a few days a week. According to TCS, working from home can cause distractions in many areas, including childcare, animal care, and household chores.

Infosys Model

Infosys has announced three types of work models. As a first step, homeowners in the same towns where the office is located are advised to come and work in the office 2 days a week. Secondly, employees from overseas are expected to come to the office in the next few months and thirdly to implement the hybrid work program on a long-term basis.

HCL model

HCL said the safety of employees and their families is a priority. The company has announced that work on the hybrid model will continue until normalcy returns.


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