Say Goodbye to Backgrounds: How to Cut Out an Image in Canva?

Are you tired of using the same old images in your projects? Do you want to create something unique and eye-catching? If yes, then Canva is the perfect tool for you! With its photo editing tools, you can easily cut out images and create stunning graphics. But wait, can you cut out an image in Canva? Yes, you absolutely can! In this blog post, we will walk you through step-by-step guides on how to use the Canvas background remover tool, erase and restore brushes, crop images and graphics, and resize images, graphics or text. We will also cover how to enhance your cut-out photos with templates available in Canva. Lastly, we will discuss common issues that people face while cutting out photos and how to troubleshoot them. So, let’s dive in!


Understanding Canvas Photo Editing Tools

Canva’s photo editing tools are ideal for anyone who wants to edit their graphics or social media posts. The toolbar has many options for editing an uploaded image. You can crop an image using the crop tool or change its size using the resize option. You can use the background remover tool to erase parts of an image or show the original image with just one click. You can also edit elements in the frames tab or use templates from the elements tab. Happy editing!

How to Cut Out an Image in Canva?

Editing images on Canva is easy-peasy with our step-by-step guide! To get started, upload your desired graphic onto Canva’s user-friendly interface. Next up is cropping out unwanted elements of your photo using the Crop tool provided in Canvas Toolbar. For precise editing options such as removing part of an image or white background removal- use the Eraser Tool which is easily accessible through crop handles on top of your active layer. Once done with editing have a happy editing experience by exploring features like resizing and saving it as PNG to upload on social media posts.

Using the Background Remover Tool for Graphic Editing

When you want to remove the background of an image in Canva for graphic editing purposes, simply head over to the “Elements” tab on your left-hand side and drag and drop your original image onto the canvas. Once you have uploaded it onto the Canvas platform, double-clicking on your photo will give you access to its editing options toolbar. From there onwards, by selecting “Background Remover,” you can efficiently erase parts of an image that are not wanted or needed and make sure that only those which are required remain. Use brushing size and slider for fine-tuning while keeping in mind what part of an image needs attention. Export your newly cut-out photo in PNG with a transparent background for easier usage across social media posts or grids!

Erasing and Restoring Brushes in Canva for Editing Images

When editing images in Canva, you may want to erase or restore certain parts of the image. To do this, use the Eraser tool with adjustable brush sizes and hardness levels. If you accidentally erase a part of the image that you didn’t mean to remove, simply use the Restore brush to bring it back. Canvas Background Remover Tool is another great option for more complex edits. Happy editing!

How to Crop Images and Graphics in Canva?

To enhance your graphic design skills on Canva, select a photo or graphic that you want to edit and double-click it. Go to the Elements tab and choose one of the frames or shapes to show your original image within. Want to erase part of an image? Pick up an eraser tool with adjustable brush sizes from the toolbar. To remove backgrounds, try using Canvas Background Remover Tool by sliding a slider over a portion of your photo or graphic with transparent background as a result. Happy editing!

Resizing Images, Graphics, or Text in Canva

To adjust the size of images or graphics in Canva like a pro without compromising quality, select the object and click on the ‘Resize’ button. Use drag-and-drop handles or add specific dimensions to get the desired outcome. While resizing don’t forget to hold down the Shift key to maintain its aspect ratio for better results. Additionally, you can choose from several preset sizes available for social media posts or upload your custom size by double-clicking on the toolbar’s crop button in the Elements tab. Happy editing!

Enhancing Your Cut-Out Photos with Canva

To enhance your images in Canva without any hassle of complicated design tools like Photoshop, start by uploading your image on Canva’s platform. Then use the ‘Background Remover Tool’ from the toolbar to remove unwanted parts of the image. With an easy-to-use ‘Eraser Tool’, adjust your brush size slider to precisely erase any part of the image you want. Combine your cut-out image with different templates, cropping options and frames to create graphics for social media posts or your blog. Happy editing!

Using Templates to Enhance Cut-Out Photos

Enhance cut-out images with ease using the Canvas Elements tab and templates! First, upload your original image and use the crop tool to select any part of the image. Open up the Crop tab by double-clicking on either the rectangle or PNG image frame; from there you can adjust both size and position using crop handles. Lastly, drag and drop your new creation into a template for a professional-looking graphic that’s perfect for social media posts or blog graphics. Happy editing!

Exporting and Sharing Your Cut-Out Photos

To export and share your cut-out photos in Canva like a pro graphic designer would want to do, just follow these simple steps. Start by uploading your original image and selecting it. Then show off your editing skills by removing the background of the image with Canva’s Background Remover Tool located in the Elements tab of Canva Pro’s Editing menu. Adjust brush size with ease using Canvas Brush Size Slider for greater precision while you’re erasing part of an image. Lastly, utilize templates available under Tab Templates for creative inspiration or to create new images from scratch with different shapes and sizes using Crop Handles or just double-clicking The Frames to access The Cropping Tool. Happy editing!

Saving and Sharing Cut Out Photos in Canva

To save and share a cut-out photo in Canva like a pro, start by uploading your original image and removing any unwanted parts with the Background Remover tool. Then open the Elements tab to add graphics or templates that enhance your design. Use the Eraser tool if needed or adjust the brush size with the slider. Next, click on the Crop button to show crop handles. Drag and drop them accordingly until you get part of an image that you like. Double-click inside the rectangle to show the original image again if you need it for reference. Once satisfied with the editing process, save it as PNG for transparent backgrounds or choose from one of many available frames provided by Canva Pro so that you can take full advantage of its many features when happy editing is all done!

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Cutting Out Photos in Canva

To get the best results while cutting out an image in Canva, you want to ensure that you can troubleshoot common issues. Firstly, check if your image is not grouped with other elements in Canva. Secondly, make sure that your original image is of high quality and has a clear contrast from its background. Finally, if you are struggling with complex images, consider using a graphic design tool like Photoshop or hiring a professional designer. Happy editing!

Common Problems with the Background Remover Tool

When editing images on Canva, it’s crucial to be aware of common issues that may arise when working with their Background Remover Tool. Inaccurate edge detection and unwanted removal of parts of an image are two common problems that can be solved by adjusting the tolerance level or using the eraser option. When working with the tool, ensure that your image has sufficient contrast and clear edges for optimal outcomes. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be sure to have happy editing experiences on Canva!


Cutting out images is an essential skill for graphic designers, bloggers, and social media managers. Canva offers a range of photo editing tools that make it easy to cut out images, crop them, and enhance them with templates. Whether you’re trying to create a professional-looking blog post or a beautiful Instagram feed, cutting out images in Canva can help you achieve your goals. If you face any issues while using the background remover tool or any other feature, refer to our troubleshooting guide for common problems. Start creating stunning visuals today by following our step-by-step guide on how to cut out an image in Canva.

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