Hoteliers Turn to Modern PMS Capabilities to Boost Efficiency and Service

As labor remains limited and technology becomes more prevalent in the hospitality industry, more hotel operators are turning to modern property-management systems (PMS) to run their properties efficiently. However, many are discovering the limitations of their legacy systems, which cannot communicate with multiple departments or be accessed remotely. To address these issues, operators are investing in new PMS capabilities.

Hoteliers Invest in New PMS
Hoteliers Invest in New PMS

Allocating More Budget to Technology

Hotel operators are dedicating more funding towards their technology budgets to account for their increased reliance on digital tools. According to Hospitality Technology’s 2023 Lodging Technology Study, many IT professionals in the hospitality industry struggle to implement new mobile solutions and partnered integrations using legacy systems. As a result, 69% of respondents indicated that they will add, upgrade, or switch suppliers for their property-management systems this year.

Advantages of Modern PMS Capabilities

While many hoteliers are unaware of the capabilities of modern PMS, others are investing in new technology to gain a competitive advantage. The latest PMS capabilities offer a range of advantages, including:

Mobile Reservations Systems: Modern PMS can provide guests with an expanded mobile reservation system supported by online pre-check-in services and a reliable pre-payment portal. This capability improves the room reservation experience for both guests and operators, with more accurate pre-check-in data and greater flexibility for guests.

Mobile Check-In: Mobile check-in is growing in popularity as guests prefer to self-serve or have the option. A modern PMS can provide travelers with a mobile key capable of transforming their devices into guestroom keys, simplifying check-in for everyone.

Mobile 2-Way Messaging: To address communication challenges, effective hotel PMS can maintain communications between multiple departments and effectively store past conversations. Hotels with strong internal communications technology can use those services to improve consistency, rapidly address guest concerns, and establish stronger communication standards from the ground up.

Mobile Room Key: With a mobile key, guests no longer have to stop at the front desk to pick up a key card, but can use the hotel’s app to unlock the doors of their rooms using their mobile phones.


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