Hong Chau shines in Netflix’s new political thriller ‘The Night Agent’

Netflix’s newest series, “The Night Agent,” which premiered on March 23, boasts a stellar cast including Hong Chau, who has received an Oscar nomination for her work in the film “Downsizing.” Chau plays the White House Chief of Staff, a determined figure at the heart of various political intrigues. Her performance is a testament to her talent and hard work, elevating the show as a whole.

Political thriller ‘The Night Agent’
Political thriller ‘The Night Agent’

Created by Shawn Ryan of “The Shield” and based on a novel by Matthew Quirk, the series follows Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland, an FBI agent whose job involves monitoring a rarely-used emergency hotline on the night shift. One evening, the hotline rings and Peter is drawn into a mystery involving a tech founder who is in danger after her aunt and uncle were killed. With the help of his protectee, Rose (Luciane Buchanan), Peter attempts to keep her safe while piecing together the details of the crime.

The show’s writers and directors have paid attention to small details throughout “The Night Agent,” which sets it apart from other shows. Chau’s character is excellent, exuding strength and determination while maintaining a solicitous exterior. Basso and Buchanan have great chemistry on screen, and Eve Harlow and Phoenix Raei play a pair of assassins whose disturbing fascination with murder adds a unique twist to the plot. The far-reaching conspiracy at the heart of the series takes the story in genuinely surprising directions, keeping viewers engaged.

Although the show isn’t perfect, it is a pleasure to watch a show that exceeds expectations. Some plot points are resolved with a dump of exposition toward the conclusion, and there are moments when the dialogue falls flat. However, “The Night Agent” is a well-paced and intriguing show that propels viewers forward, making for an enjoyable viewing experience.


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