Honda Recalls Half a Million Vehicles in US and Canada Over Front Seat Belt Issue

Honda has issued a recall of approximately 500,000 vehicles in the United States and Canada over a problem with the front seat belts. The recall affects several of Honda’s popular models, including the 2017 through 2020 CR-V, the 2018 and 2019 Accord, the 2018 through 2020 Odyssey, the 2019 Insight, and the Acura RDX from the 2019 and 2020 model years. The recall was issued due to a potential defect in the front seat belt buckle, which can cause the release button to shrink against the channel at lower temperatures, leading to an increase in friction and preventing the buckle from latching properly.

Honda Vehicles
Honda Vehicles

The Risk of Injury from Unrestrained Passengers

In the event of a crash, the increase in friction can prevent the buckle from latching properly, leaving the driver or passengers unrestrained. This increases the risk of injury. According to documents posted by US safety regulators on March 15, Honda has not received any reports of injuries related to this issue. However, the automaker is urging owners to take their vehicles to a dealer as soon as possible. Honda dealers will replace the front seat belt buckle release buttons or the buckle assemblies if necessary. Owners of affected vehicles will be notified by letter starting on April 17.

Honda’s Recall Woes Continue

This is not the first time that Honda has issued a recall due to safety issues. In December 2022, the company announced a recall of just over 200,000 hybrid vehicles due to issues with brake pedal sensors in some models. The recall was issued after China’s State Administration for Market Regulation reported that a total of 105,608 hybrid vehicles produced between October 8, 2018, and September 7, 2020, by Honda’s joint venture with Dongfeng Motor Group Co. would be recalled, along with another 95,081 units from Honda’s manufacturing partnership with Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. made between August 27, 2018, and August 6, 2020.

The Problem with Lubricating Oil in Brake Pedal Sensors

The problem with the brake pedal sensors is related to lubricating oil introduced into them during the manufacturing process. The oil can cause issues with the sensors over time, leading to a loss of functionality. The recall for this issue will begin on March 31, 2023, according to the statement from China’s State Administration for Market Regulation.


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