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Helium Secures Pre-Seed Funding Led by Merak Ventures

Helium, an innovative AI platform, has successfully raised INR 4.52 crore ($550k) in a pre-seed funding round led by Merak Ventures. This round also saw participation from angel investor Alok Mittal. The funds will be utilized to build a high-performing team and further develop Helium’s product offerings. Co-founded by Shray Arora, Sidharth Sahni, and Deepak Kapoor, Helium aims to revolutionize the eCommerce landscape by integrating advanced product and visitor intelligence into online platforms.

Strategic Vision and Market Expansion

Helium’s strategic vision is centered around enhancing the digital shopping experience for consumers. By leveraging AI, the platform tags each product and UI element, understanding their context through anonymized behavioral interactions of visitors. This allows Helium to curate the perfect combination of content, copy, and product for each visitor, similar to how Spotify tailors music preferences. The result is higher brand affinity and increased conversions for eCommerce businesses.

The company plans to use the newly acquired funds to expand its operations and reach new markets, particularly in North America. Helium’s focus on innovation and customer satisfaction sets it apart from competitors, making it a key player in the renewed electronics market. The founders’ diverse backgrounds and expertise contribute to the company’s ability to drive growth and achieve its strategic goals.

helium ai platform pre-seed funding

In addition to market expansion, Helium is committed to sustainability and reducing electronic waste. By promoting the reuse of refurbished products, the company aligns with global efforts to minimize environmental footprints and promote sustainable practices. This commitment to sustainability is expected to resonate with consumers and further enhance Helium’s market position.

Investor Confidence and Industry Impact

The successful funding round reflects the confidence that investors have in Helium’s business model and growth potential. Merak Ventures, a sector-agnostic early-stage venture capital firm, has expressed excitement about the investment. Partner Sheetal Bahl highlighted the importance of tools that eliminate business inefficiencies in the fast-paced digital market. Helium addresses these critical gaps, boosting conversions and revenue streams for eCommerce businesses.

The involvement of high-profile investors like Alok Mittal further bolsters confidence in Helium’s potential for long-term success. The company’s ability to attract such investors is a testament to its robust business model and strategic vision. This funding round marks a significant milestone in Helium’s journey and paves the way for future growth and expansion.

Helium’s innovative approach to integrating AI into eCommerce platforms is expected to have a significant impact on the industry. By enhancing the digital shopping experience, the company is set to drive higher engagement and conversions for eCommerce brands. This positions Helium as a leader in the renewed electronics market and a key player in the broader eCommerce landscape.

Future Prospects and Technological Advancements

Looking ahead, Helium is poised for substantial growth and technological advancements. The company plans to leverage the funding to enhance its technological infrastructure and streamline its operations. This will enable Helium to offer a wider range of high-quality refurbished products to its customers, meeting the growing demand for sustainable electronics.

Helium’s commitment to innovation and sustainability positions it as a key player in the renewed electronics market. The company’s efforts to reduce electronic waste and promote the reuse of refurbished products contribute to a more sustainable future. By aligning its business practices with global sustainability goals, Helium is making a positive impact on the environment and society.

The future prospects for Helium are promising, with the potential for significant market expansion and increased customer engagement. The company’s strategic initiatives and focus on quality and sustainability will drive its growth and success in the coming years. As Helium continues to innovate and expand, it is set to become a leader in the renewed electronics industry.


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