Gretchen Whitmer’s VP Opportunity in 2020: A Closer Look

As the 2020 presidential election unfolded, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer found herself at the center of speculation. Would she be Joe Biden’s running mate? Capitol correspondents hounded her, seeking answers. Whitmer’s leadership during the pandemic and her national profile made her a potential contender for the vice-presidential slot.

The VP Speculation

When Joe Biden secured the Democratic nomination, the question loomed large: If offered the vice presidency, would Whitmer accept? She never definitively closed the door but never fully committed either. As the second Democratic Presidential Debate took place in Detroit, the buzz around her potential candidacy intensified.

Gretchen Whitmer

The Unanswered Question

Whitmer underwent vetting for the VP position, confirming that she was on Biden’s shortlist. Ultimately, Senator Kamala Harris received the nod. But the lingering question remained unanswered. Tim Skubick pressed her: “Had you gotten the call and he offered you vice president, what would you have said?” Whitmer’s response was candid: “If Joe Biden had called and said, ‘I need you to be my partner and be my running mate,’ I would have said yes. This election was that important.”

A Sigh of Relief

Whitmer’s two daughters and her husband likely breathed a sigh of relief. The VP opportunity had come and gone, but the governor’s commitment to the election remained steadfast. It took 15 months, but there you have it—the answer we’ve been waiting for.


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