Federal Judge Declines to Intervene in Abortion Ballot Measure Dispute

In a significant legal development, a federal judge has declined to intervene in the ongoing dispute over South Dakota’s abortion-rights ballot measure. Judge Karen Schreier’s decision allows the state court to rule on a key issue before any federal intervention is considered. This case, brought by the anti-abortion Life Defense Fund, seeks to disqualify the measure from the upcoming November election, citing alleged violations of state law by the petition circulators.

Legal Battle Over Ballot Measure

The legal battle over South Dakota’s abortion-rights ballot measure has intensified with the Life Defense Fund’s lawsuit. The group argues that the petition circulators failed to comply with a 2018 state law requiring them to file sworn statements proving their residency. This law, enacted by the Republican-dominated Legislature, aimed to prevent out-of-state residents from influencing South Dakota’s ballot initiatives.

The Life Defense Fund contends that the 2018 law remains in force despite subsequent legal challenges to similar laws enacted in 2019 and 2020. These later laws were invalidated by federal courts for infringing on First Amendment rights. However, the Life Defense Fund argues that the 2018 law was not affected by these rulings and should still be enforced.

federal judge declines intervene

Dakotans for Health, the group behind the abortion-rights measure, disputes this interpretation. They argue that the invalidation of the 2019 and 2020 laws also nullified the 2018 law. The group maintains that their petition circulators acted in accordance with the law and that the Life Defense Fund’s lawsuit is an attempt to undermine the democratic process.

Federal Judge’s Decision

Judge Karen Schreier’s decision to decline intervention at this time is a pivotal moment in the legal proceedings. In her order, Judge Schreier emphasized the importance of allowing the state court to rule on the enforceability of the 2018 law before considering federal intervention. She noted that if the state court’s ruling contradicts federal court decisions, she would then consider the issue.

This decision underscores the complexity of the legal arguments involved and the need for a thorough examination by the state court. Judge Schreier’s ruling allows the state court to address the specific legal questions raised by the Life Defense Fund’s lawsuit, providing a clearer legal framework for any potential federal intervention.

The state court’s upcoming ruling will be closely watched, as it will have significant implications for the future of the abortion-rights ballot measure. A motions hearing in the state-court lawsuit is scheduled for next week, which will provide further clarity on the legal standing of the 2018 law and the validity of the Life Defense Fund’s claims.

Implications for Abortion Rights

The outcome of this legal battle will have far-reaching implications for abortion rights in South Dakota. If the Life Defense Fund’s lawsuit succeeds, it could prevent the abortion-rights measure from appearing on the November ballot, effectively stifling the efforts of pro-choice advocates in the state. This would be a significant setback for abortion rights supporters, who have worked tirelessly to gather the necessary signatures and mobilize public support.

Conversely, if the state court rules in favor of Dakotans for Health, it would pave the way for the measure to be voted on by the public. This would provide an opportunity for South Dakota voters to directly weigh in on the issue of abortion rights, potentially leading to a significant shift in the state’s legal landscape.

The broader implications of this case extend beyond South Dakota. The legal arguments and court rulings could set precedents that influence similar disputes in other states. As the national debate over abortion rights continues to evolve, the outcome of this case will be closely monitored by advocates and opponents alike.


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