U.S. Rep. Don Bacon Gains Ground Amidst County GOP Endorsement Controversy

In a political maneuver that underscores the power of relationships, U.S. Representative Don Bacon flexed his political muscle by rolling out over 100 endorsements from state and local elected officials. These endorsements serve as a strategic response to the populist wave within Nebraska’s Republican Party, which has been challenging the status quo and pushing for change.

The Battle for Endorsements

The battleground is the Douglas County Republican Party, where populists have gained influence. They plan to discuss endorsing Bacon’s opponent, Omaha businessman Dan Frei, in the upcoming May primary election. Some members of the county party aim to overturn previous endorsements of GOP incumbents, including Bacon and U.S. Senator Pete Ricketts. Similar populist movements have also taken hold in Sarpy and Saunders Counties.

Political endorsements

Aiming at the General Election

However, the focus of Bacon’s endorsements extends beyond the primary. Prominent figures like Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen, Secretary of State Bob Evnen, Douglas County Sheriff Aaron Hanson, Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine, and State Senators Kathleen Kauth and Tom Brewer rallied behind Bacon. Their support emphasizes the need to back Bacon in the general election. Pillen lauded Bacon’s commitment to preserving and protecting U.S. Strategic Command and the national security and economic benefits associated with having Offutt Air Force Base nearby. Kauth praised Bacon’s principled stance on issues like high school sports participation and abortion.

The Changing Landscape

While populists target Bacon and Ricketts, the battle for endorsements reflects a broader shift within the party. The Douglas County GOP, previously a stronghold for traditional Republicans, now faces pressure to rescind its endorsements of incumbents. Organizers aligned with the Nebraska Freedom Coalition support challengers Dan Frei and John Glen Weaver. As the primary approaches, the dynamics continue to evolve, and the fate of these endorsements hangs in the balance.


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