Do you sit & work in one place for a long time? Do this 10 minutes workout

Although it is convenient to work from home, it has caused great damage to the body of many. Commenting on this, renowned nutritionist Rujuda Dwivedi said that the head and neck areas suffer a lot as they sit for long periods of time as they are constantly used on phones and laptops due to office work.

Rujuda Dwivedi says that the abdomen especially falls in the abdomen and the chest area collapses and the back curls. She recommends that you sit for a few minutes at certain intervals to avoid the effects of sitting for long periods of time. He is talking about a simple 10-minute workout.

This workout will reduce the damage done to your body by sitting for a long time. Renowned nutritionist Rujuda Dwivedi has shared this video on her Instagram page with the caption ’10 minutes of daily exercise to reduce the physical effects of sitting for long periods of time ‘.

10 minute workout

10-Minutes Workout

  1. Raise and lower the legs as if sitting in a chair – 5 times
  2. Lift and lower the legs straight up while sitting – 5 times
  3. Shoulder Stretch – 5 Counts
  4. Cough Stretch (both sides) – 5 times
  5. Hamstring Stretch – 5 times
  6. Upper Body Twist – 5 Counts
  7. Arm Stretch – 5 Counts
  8. Back & Neck Stretch – 5 Counts
  9. Back & Neck Stretch 2 – 5 Counts

Rujuda Dwivedi has done the simple exercises mentioned above. If you have been working in one place for a long time, do these easy workouts as Rujuda Dwivedi did and get good results.


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