Continued war tension: Taiwan army rehearses war in response to China

TAIPEI CITY: Tensions are high as Taiwan’s military engages in war drills to retaliate against China. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is on an Asian tour, went to Taiwan on the 3rd despite China’s strong warning. He is the first US president to visit Taiwan in 25 years. Because China claims Taiwan as part of its country, it could not accept Pelosi’s visit. In an intimidating tone to Taiwan, which allowed him, the country conducted war drills at 6 locations in the waters around the country.

Taiwan army rehearses war in response to China
Due to this, there is a serious war tension in the Taiwan Strait. China had announced that the exercise would end on Sunday. Taiwan’s military responded by saying it is ready to face China if it starts a war. Beyond Sunday, China continued its military exercises along the Taiwan border. Taiwan has strongly criticized this. In this case, Taiwan’s army has engaged in war rehearsals to retaliate against China, so there is tension.

Taiwan’s government has explained that the war drills were pre-planned and not retaliatory. There is constant tension in the South China Sea as the US, Britain and other countries are supporting Taiwan.


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