China visa issuance to Indian students has started

Beijing: More than 23 thousand Indian students are studying medicine and other courses in China. When the corona virus started spreading in 2020, the students returned to the country. Since then no direct flight has been started between the two countries. Indian students are also not given visas. As a result, students suffer from not being able to continue their studies.

China visa issuance to Indian students has started
Recently, China asked India for a list of students who want to pursue their studies. While this list was sent, China announced yesterday that it will issue visas after 2 years. The Chinese Embassy in Delhi issued a statement yesterday that the process of issuing visas to newly enrolled students and students who have already studied in China has started. Director of Asian Affairs of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Professor Ji Rong, tweeted, ‘Indian students’ patience is worth it. Welcome back to China’.


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