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How Brides Are Reinventing the Wedding Tradition of Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

The old English rhyme that lists the items a bride should have on her wedding day has been around for centuries, but modern brides are finding new and creative ways to honor the tradition. From family heirlooms to personal touches, here are some examples of how brides are incorporating something old, new, borrowed, and blue into their weddings.

Something Old: A Tie to the Past

Something old represents continuity and staying connected to the family. Many brides choose to wear a family heirloom, such as a piece of jewelry, a locket, or a ring, that has been passed down for generations. Some brides also use a swatch of fabric from a beloved garment, such as a grandmother’s wedding dress or a mother’s veil, and wrap it around their bouquet or sew it onto their dress lining. These items not only symbolize the bride’s heritage, but also add a sentimental touch to their wedding attire.

Something New: Hope and Optimism for the Future

Something new stands for the couple’s new union and their bright prospects ahead. Many brides tick this box with their wedding dress, veil, or shoes, but some also opt for a new piece of jewelry, a new perfume, or a new hairstyle. Some brides even embroider their new name or initials inside their dress as a sweet nod to their spouse. These items reflect the bride’s personality and style, and also celebrate the start of a new chapter in their life.

How Brides Are Reinventing the Wedding Tradition of Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

Something Borrowed: Good Luck and Happiness

Something borrowed from a happily married friend or relative is believed to bring good luck and fertility to the couple. Many brides borrow a meaningful object, such as a brooch, a clutch, or a tiara, that has been worn or used by another bride on her wedding day. Some brides also borrow a book, a song, or a quote that inspires them or expresses their feelings. These items represent the bride’s support system and the wisdom and advice they can rely on.

Something Blue: Love, Purity, and Fidelity

The color blue is meant to ward off the evil eye, and it also signifies love, purity, and fidelity. Many brides wear a blue accessory, such as a garter, a ribbon, or a sash, or add a blue accent to their dress, such as a button, a flower, or a patch. Some brides also paint their nails blue, wear blue shoes, or carry a blue bouquet. These items add a pop of color and a touch of whimsy to the bride’s look, and also symbolize the qualities they value in their relationship.

A Sixpence in Your Shoe: Prosperity and Wealth

The last part of the rhyme, which is often omitted, is a sixpence in your shoe, which is supposed to bring prosperity and wealth to the couple. The British coin is no longer produced, but some brides still manage to find one and tuck it into their shoe. Some brides also use a different coin, such as a penny, a dime, or a quarter, or a foreign currency from their honeymoon destination. These items are a fun and discreet way to wish for a prosperous future for the couple.

The tradition of something old, new, borrowed, and blue is not a requirement for a happy marriage, but it can be a fun and meaningful way to incorporate cherished people, objects, and memories into the wedding day. Modern brides are reinventing the tradition and making it their own, with creative and personal choices that reflect their style and story.


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