Bookman: Two Stories of Love and Betrayal

Bookman is a novel by Indian author Ravi Subramanian, which narrates two stories of love and betrayal, set in the backdrop of the publishing industry. The novel explores the themes of ambition, greed, loyalty, and deception, as the characters face the consequences of their choices.

The Rise and Fall of Aditya Kapoor

The first story follows Aditya Kapoor, a successful banker and a bestselling author, who has a perfect life with his wife Maya and his son Aryan. He is admired by his fans and respected by his peers. However, his life takes a drastic turn when he meets Shreya Kaushik, a young and ambitious writer, who becomes his protégé and his lover. Shreya is determined to make it big in the literary world, and she uses Aditya as a stepping stone to achieve her goals. She manipulates him into signing a contract with a rival publisher, and also exposes his affair to the media, ruining his reputation and his marriage. Aditya realizes his mistake too late, and he loses everything he had worked for.

Bookman: Two Stories of Love and Betrayal

The Mystery of Varun Shetty

The second story revolves around Varun Shetty, a talented editor and a close friend of Aditya, who works for the same publishing house as him. Varun is in love with Diana, a beautiful and smart marketing executive, who also works for the same company. However, Diana is secretly involved with Karan, the owner of the publishing house, who is a ruthless and corrupt businessman. Karan is involved in a scam, where he sells fake rights of books to foreign publishers, and makes huge profits. He also blackmails Diana into staying with him, by threatening to expose her past. Varun discovers Karan’s scam, and decides to expose him. However, he is killed by Karan’s henchmen, before he can do so. Diana is devastated by Varun’s death, and she decides to avenge him. She teams up with Aditya, who is also looking for a way to get back at Karan, and they expose his scam to the world, bringing him down.

A Gripping and Thrilling Read

Bookman is a gripping and thrilling read, that keeps the readers hooked till the end. The novel has a fast-paced and engaging plot, that switches between the two stories, and connects them in the end. The novel also gives an insight into the workings of the publishing industry, and the challenges and opportunities it offers to the writers and the publishers. The novel has a realistic and contemporary tone, that reflects the aspirations and the dilemmas of the modern society. The novel also has well-developed and relatable characters, that portray the human emotions and the moral conflicts of the situations they face. The novel has a mix of romance, drama, suspense, and action, that makes it an enjoyable and entertaining read.


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