Bob Odenkirk makes a comeback in AMC’s Lucky Hank

AMC’s new dramedy series, Lucky Hank, has finally premiered on Sunday and viewers are in for a treat as they get to see Bob Odenkirk bring to life the character of Hank Devereaux. Set in a fictional Pennsylvania college, the show follows Hank as the Chairman of the English department and the ups and downs he experiences in his personal and professional life.

Bob Odenkirk comeback in AMC's Lucky Hank
Bob Odenkirk comeback in AMC’s Lucky Hank

Introduction to the character

In the pilot episode, viewers are introduced to Hank, a man with a successful career but a troubled mind. Hank is shown to be stuck in a rut, bored and disinterested in his job as a professor. Despite his success, he finds no joy in his role and constantly dreams of leaving the town in search of something more meaningful. Odenkirk’s performance perfectly captures the character’s ennui and desperation for a change.

The controversy caused in the college

The show’s pilot sets up the central conflict of the series when a video of Hank critiquing a student’s work goes viral on campus. The student body demands an apology from Hank, but he refuses to do so, leading to a larger controversy. The scene showcases the well-established college environment and the politics and power dynamics at play. As the English department becomes more divided, alliances are broken, and rivalries are formed, the protagonist is forced to confront the reality of his situation.

Hank’s personal life

Lucky Hank delves into the protagonist’s personal life and shows the toll that his job takes on him. Hank’s wife, Lily, played by Mireille Enos, is supportive but frustrated with his lack of enthusiasm for their future. This storyline gives the viewers a glimpse into the challenges and pressures of maintaining a relationship while navigating a demanding career. Additionally, Hank’s daughter is also introduced in the episode, portrayed as somewhat of a selfish individual, asking her dad for money without any regard for his feelings.

The show’s overall potential

Lucky Hank’s first episode sets the tone for what is shaping up to be a promising show. The excellent performances by the entire cast and the sharp and witty writing already have viewers excited to see more. While the show’s premise may seem simple, it’s the nuances of the characters’ personalities and the in-depth look at life in a college that make it stand out. As the first season unfolds, we can expect more twists and turns in Hank’s journey towards finding himself and happiness.

AMC’s Lucky Hank is a fresh take on the dramedy genre with Bob Odenkirk leading the charge in a role unlike any other. The show’s premiere episode already has fans eagerly anticipating what comes next. The series has the potential to be one of the standout shows of the season with complex, flawed characters that audiences can relate to.


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