Blizzard’s Diablo 4 Beta: No Character Preservation, but Consolation Rewards Await

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that participants in the Diablo 4 beta will not be allowed to keep their characters after the trial period ends. While this may come as a disappointment to fans who acquire powerful loot from the world boss Ashava, Blizzard has offered consolation rewards to players who remain committed to the beta.

Blizzard's Diablo 4 Beta
Blizzard’s Diablo 4 Beta

Beta Rewards for Diablo 4 Participants

Gamers who take part in the Diablo 4 Early Access and Open Beta will receive three rewards that can be used in the retail release of Diablo 4. These include two titles – Initial Casualty and Early Voyager – and a cosmetic item called the Beta Wolf Pack. While the titles are just labels that can be attached to a player’s character name, the Beta Wolf Pack consists of a wolf pup sleeping in a crib strapped to the character’s back.

Easy to Acquire Rewards

According to the official Blizzard news section, the Initial Casualty title can be easily obtained by reaching the town of Kyovashad, the main hub during early adventures. The next two rewards, the Early Voyager title and Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic, are locked behind Level 20, which is five levels shy of the Level 25 beta cap. Once a player reaches these milestones with one character, they will receive these prizes the first time they boot up Diablo 4 after launch on June 6, 2023.

Pre-order Bonuses

Apart from these beta rewards, players can unlock even more rewards by pre-ordering the game. Those who purchase the base version of Diablo 4 will receive the Light Bearer mount, the Inarius Wings cosmetic and Inarius Murloc pet for Diablo 3, the Amalgam of Rage mount for World of Warcraft, and the Umber Winged Darkness cosmetic for Diablo Immortal.

Meanwhile, players who purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition will receive all of the above, plus four days of early access for Diablo 4, the Temptation mount, the Hellborn Carapace Mount armor, and a Premium Seasonal Battle Pass unlock. And for those who buy the Diablo 4 Ultimate Edition, they will receive almost all of the above plus a Wings of the Creator emote and an Accelerated Seasonal Battle Pass unlock, which also includes 20 tier skips.

Beta Rewards vs Pre-order Bonuses

While these pre-order bonuses are separate from the beta rewards, they offer even more incentives for players to purchase the game before its official launch. Every pre-order includes a ticket to play the Early Access beta, which gives players an extra week to earn rewards.

Character Wipe

It’s important to note that since every character will be wiped after the Diablo 4 betas, players won’t be able to keep any rewards acquired during the sneak peek. However, players can still gain advance knowledge of character builds and rare enemy spawns during the beta period.

In summary, Blizzard’s decision not to let Diablo 4 beta participants keep their characters may disappoint some fans, but the consolation rewards and pre-order bonuses should give players plenty of reasons to stick with the game until its official release.


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