BharatPe’s Strategic Reshuffle: A New Era of Leadership

BharatPe, a leading name in the fintech sector, is undergoing a significant transformation. The company is making strategic changes to its management team across various verticals, aiming to bolster its leadership and set a new direction for growth and innovation.

Leadership at the Helm

The reshuffle brings new faces to the forefront of BharatPe’s operations. Sandeep Indurkar, previously the chief business officer of the banking vertical, steps up as the CEO of the payments unit. His expertise and leadership are expected to drive the payments vertical to new heights.

BharatPe leadership change

Kohinoor Biswas, who will now manage the loyalty division Zillion in addition to his existing responsibilities, is another key figure in this strategic move. His expanded role is indicative of BharatPe’s commitment to integrating loyalty programs with their core services.

Rijish Raghavan, formerly acting as CEO of Zillion, will now lead BharatPe’s device business. This shift reflects the company’s focus on diversifying its product offerings and enhancing its technological capabilities.

A Focus on Financial Health

Amidst the management changes, BharatPe has also been making strides in its financial performance. The company recorded its first profitable month in October 2023 and has seen a significant increase in annualized revenue, crossing Rs 1,500 crore. This growth represents a 30% increase compared to the previous fiscal year, signaling a strong recovery and a promising future.

The Road Ahead

With these changes, BharatPe is poised to navigate the complex fintech landscape with renewed vigor. The management rejig is a clear indication of the company’s strategy to prioritize leadership and expertise in key areas of its business. As BharatPe continues to evolve, the industry watches with interest to see how these new leaders will shape the company’s trajectory.


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