News Technology Strikes a High Note with INR 11 Crore Pre-Series A Funding

In a harmonious blend of technology and creativity,, an innovative AI music startup, has orchestrated a successful pre-Series A funding round, securing a substantial INR 11 crore. This financial crescendo is led by the maestros at Capital 2B and IvyCap Ventures, marking a melodious milestone for the company’s growth symphony.

The Genesis of emerged from the silence as a disruptive force in the music tech landscape. Founded by the visionary duo, Mansoor Rahimat Khan and Siddharth Bhardwaj, the startup tuned into the industry’s frequency by offering content creators a platform to compose original, royalty-free music with ease. The AI-driven technology behind conducts a digital orchestra, creating mood-based melodies that resonate with listeners and creators alike.

AI music startup Beatoven funding announcement

The crescendo of’s journey began with a seed round of USD 1 million in 2022, setting the stage for this latest pre-Series A overture. With a user base that sings to the tune of one million and a global revenue composition that hits the right notes in markets like the US, Europe, and South Korea, is on a path to becoming a global Gen AI maestro.

The Composition of Success

The recent influx of capital will be instrumental in fine-tuning the user experience, ensuring that every note produced by’s AI is pitch-perfect. The startup plans to orchestrate a more intuitive interface, allowing creators to conduct their soundtracks with precision. This investment also amplifies’s commitment to supporting independent musicians through ethical data sourcing and collaboration.

With a strategic plan to scale up their go-to-market strategy, is poised to expand its audience and resonate across the globe. The company’s vision is to not just play along with AI advancements but to lead the concerto of Gen AI innovation in the music industry.

The Future Sounds Bright

As looks to the horizon, the melody of progress is clear. The startup’s dedication to harmonizing AI technology with the art of music composition promises a future where the soundtrack of our lives is ever-evolving and endlessly original. With a team that’s composed of equal parts tech-savvy and music-passionate, is set to take the stage as a leader in the AI music revolution.


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