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The Baker’s Dozen: A Bakery Brand That Is Making Waves in the Indian Market

The Baker’s Dozen is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) bakery brand that offers a range of artisanal and premium products, such as bread, cakes, cookies, crackers, and rusks. Founded in 2013 by Sneh Jain and Aditi Handa, who are both passionate bakers, the brand has grown rapidly in the past few years and has expanded its presence across India and abroad.

A Funding Round of Rs 33 Crore

The latest news about The Baker’s Dozen is that it has raised Rs 33 crore in a pre-series A funding round led by Wipro Consumer Care Ventures, the venture capital arm of Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting. The round also saw participation from Fireside Ventures, Mirabilis Investment Trust, She Capital, and Neo Foods.

The funds will be used to enhance distribution growth, expand reach into non-metro cities and international markets, brand-building and marketing initiatives. The company aims to become a Rs 500 crore profitable entity within five years.

The Baker’s Dozen: A Bakery Brand That Is Making Waves in the Indian Market

A Strong Online Presence

The Baker’s Dozen started as an online-only brand that sells its products through e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket, Swiggy, Zomato, etc. It also has its own website where customers can order directly from the brand. The company claims to have a strong online presence with over 40 touchpoints across India.

The company also partnered with Reliance in August 2023 to sell its products in over 200-300 Reliance Smart stores across India. It also joined the online platform Dmart Ready in September 2023 to extend its reach to physical stores by next month.

A Diverse Product Portfolio

The Baker’s Dozen offers a diverse product portfolio that caters to different tastes and preferences of customers. The brand has around 55 products under various categories such as sourdough breads, cakes, cookies, crackers, rusks, etc. Some of its popular products are:

  • Baker’s Dozen Sourdough Bread: This is a signature product of the brand that uses natural yeast and organic ingredients to create a soft and fluffy sourdough bread with a tangy flavor.
  • Baker’s Dozen Chocolate Cake: This is a decadent chocolate cake that is moist and rich with layers of chocolate ganache and whipped cream.
  • Baker’s Dozen Oatmeal Cookies: These are wholesome oatmeal cookies that are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg.
  • Baker’s Dozen Cheese Crackers: These are crispy cheese crackers that are made with whole wheat flour and cheese powder for a cheesy snack.
  • Baker’s Dozen Rusk: This is a crunchy rusk that is made with wheat flour and salt for a simple but satisfying snack.

An Expansion Plan for Dubai

One of the notable achievements of The Baker’s Dozen is its entry into the Dubai market through UAE-based retailer Choithrams in July 2022. The brand plans to have a strong distribution network in Dubai and Abu Dhabi by partnering with more retailers and distributors in these markets. The brand also aims to leverage Dubai as an export destination for its products.

The Baker’s Dozen is an example of how a D2C bakery brand can succeed in the Indian market by offering high-quality products at affordable prices. The brand has shown resilience during the pandemic by adapting to changing consumer behavior and preferences. It has also shown ambition by raising funds from reputed investors and expanding its presence beyond metros. With its innovative product portfolio and loyal customer base, The Baker’s Dozen seems poised for further growth in the future.


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