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Native Advocate Angel Charley Wins Senate District 30 Democratic Primary

In a closely watched race, Native American advocate Angel Charley emerged victorious in the New Mexico Senate District 30 Democratic primary. Charley’s win signals a significant shift in the political landscape, as she defeated former State Senator Clemente Sanchez in a redrawn district with increased Native American influence.

A Historic Victory

Angel Charley, a member of the Diné Nation with Laguna and Zuni Pueblo ancestry, secured approximately 64% of the vote in the primary election, according to unofficial results. The district spans from Isleta Pueblo near Albuquerque to the Arizona state line, traversing Acoma and Laguna pueblos. With no Republican contenders in the race, Charley is poised to represent the district in the general election.

Native American advocate Angel Charley

Redistricting and Representation

Redistricting played a pivotal role in this election. The newly drawn boundaries increased Native American influence in Senate District 30. Charley’s victory reflects the growing importance of Native voices in New Mexico politics and underscores the need for diverse representation.

Implications for the Future

As voters picked their partisan favorites, the outcome of this election holds implications for Native American communities, the state’s oil industry, and the #MeToo movement. With all 112 seats up for election in November, the stakes are high. Charley’s win represents a historic moment and highlights the power of grassroots advocacy and community engagement.


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