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ACLU of Ohio Champions Transgender Rights in Landmark Lawsuit

In a bold challenge to House Bill 68, the ACLU of Ohio has filed a lawsuit to protect the rights of transgender minors to access gender-affirming healthcare. This legal action represents a critical fight for equality and the right to personal medical decisions.

The Battle for Healthcare Autonomy

The ACLU’s lawsuit, supported by the global law firm Goodwin, stands against the prohibition of gender-affirming care for transgender youth—a provision they argue is unconstitutional. The legal team contends that the bill violates several sections of the Ohio Constitution, including the single-subject rule and the Equal Protection Clause.


The ban, set to take effect on April 24, 2024, has been met with fierce opposition from families, medical professionals, and civil rights advocates. They argue that such decisions should be left to families and their doctors, not dictated by politicians.

The Human Cost of Legislation

The lawsuit brings to light the personal stories of families affected by H.B. 68. It underscores the severe harm that the ban on gender-affirming care will cause to transgender youth, who are at risk of losing critical, medically necessary healthcare.

The ACLU emphasizes that the ban not only defies medical consensus but also infringes upon the fundamental rights of parents to make informed healthcare decisions for their children. This overreach by the government into personal medical matters has sparked a statewide—and nationwide—debate on the rights of transgender individuals.

A Nationwide Trend and Its Implications

Ohio is the 23rd state to enact such a ban, reflecting a troubling trend across the country where LGBTQ+ rights are under attack. The ACLU’s lawsuit is not just about Ohio; it’s about setting a precedent that could influence the future of transgender rights across the United States.

The outcome of this lawsuit could have far-reaching effects on the availability of gender-affirming care and the protection of bodily autonomy for transgender youth. It is a pivotal moment in the ongoing struggle for equal rights and access to healthcare.


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