Deals pitchground Discount: Lifetime Deal for $59.00 pitchground: Choosing what to test on your landing page is actually a hard task. Many A/B tests will fail not because you don’t have enough visits on your page but because you chose the wrong things to test and the things you chose will not actually change in any measurable way your conversion rate.

When you create a website or a landing page, you want your visitors to have the best user experience imaginable. So you might get stuck running an A/B test for months trying to achieve some statistical significance on a 0.5% conversion rate improvement.

There’s more to just one issue –

  • Risk of underperforming while running the A/B tests
  • Choosing which combinations of changes to try out
  • Web page loading speed
  • Flickering & SegmentationUpfront Costs
  • Adjusting Tests to Mobile

Using this tool, you can solve all of the above problems & leverage AI to easily create an A/B test that will skyrocket your conversions.

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Optimize your landing page for conversions using AI with the easiest, fastest, and most efficient way to A/B test. is an A/B testing platform that automatically suggests and executes A/B tests on your landing page. It requires no knowledge about A/B testing and it can work in an unattended way.

You just need to do the initial setup and its AI algorithm will find the best variation of your landing page that optimizes the conversion rate.

Learn more about! uses Artificial Intelligence to help you create, combine and test different variations of headlines, copies, calls to action and Images, to find the best fit for your audience, increasing conversions and reducing costs.

Boost your conversion rate – Increase your revenue by making the top of your funnel bigger. Doing landing page optimization has never been easier!

Set it and forget it – Do the 10-minute set-up and just let the AI do its job. This tool will automatically choose the best combinations to show to your users, boosting the conversion rate in the process.

No manual work required – The AI will use advanced statistics analysis to choose the best A/B tests for you. Just chill out and watch your numbers go up.

Click Here to Buy pitchground Lifetime Deal for $59.00

GPT-3 – The GPT-3 text suggestions helps to speed up copywriting.

No need of multiple URLs – Every variation is generated on top of the original design (using JS), so there’s no need to design anything or have multiple URLs for every variation.

Smooth Algorithm – You don’t lose conversions while testing, thanks to a revolutionary testing approach MAB + Evolutionary Algorithm.


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