5th election in 4 years – Israel appoints interim prime minister

Benjamin Netanyahu, the head of Israel’s Likud party, is prime minister until 2021. After being in power for more than 12 years, he did not get enough numbers to form the government in the elections held last year. Following this, Naftali Bennett, the leader of the Yamina party formed an alliance with some parties to form the government and took over as Prime Minister last June.

After Naftali Bennett’s government ruled for about a year, the government’s support in Parliament decreased and it became a minority government. As a result, Naftali Bennett lost his prime ministership. Also, the country’s parliament has been dissolved again and prepared for new elections.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett

All members voted in favor of the referendum on the dissolution of Parliament. As a result, the parliament will be dissolved and elections will be held again in November. Naftali Bennett has announced that he will not contest in this election. He was the shortest-serving prime minister in Israel’s history.

In this case, since the elections are still five months away, Yair Labit has been chosen as the interim Prime Minister of Israel. Prime Minister Modi congratulated Yair Labit on his new charge on Twitter. He also thanked Prime Minister Naftali Bennett for being friendly with India.

Israel has held four general elections in the last four years. In this, no party has got a majority and there has been confusion without a stable government. Reports suggest that Benjamin Netanyahu is planning to return to power after winning the next election.


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