ClearFlask Review: ClearFlask Pitchground Lifetime deal for $27.00

ClearFlask Review: Getting valuable customer feedback for your business product is important and helps make better decisions. But it can be really difficult to handle multiple feedback in a structured way for you to implement them.

This tool helps you to be closer with your community by collecting product feedback from your community and updating them about your product roadmap & development.  Open-Source Ideation Tool To Manage Product Feedback, Roadmap, and Announcements.

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Ask for Feedback – Collect customer feedback all in one place from all your support channels.

Extract unbiased and informative feedback, a simple feedback box is an ideal approach to capture customers' own words.

Feedback as a public forum is adopted by many organizations. This approach focuses on your customers' ability to discuss features amongst themselves.

Easily integrates with your website or app – Use a custom domain to host your ClearFlask portal or embed it directly on your site or app.

Analyze feedback effectively – Organize all the data you collected to make the right decision

Quickly address incoming feedback on your Feedback Dashboard page.

Prioritize your roadmap – Plan out your tasks on your Roadmap Dashboard page.

Match your product Workflow – Customize states, transitions, and behavior of each content type to match your workflow. Each state can also alter different behavior and accessibility.

Tagging – Organize content into a defined set of tags. Create tag groups and define rules for how tags can be used.

Export and analyze externally – Export your data and feed it into your own analytics engine for insights.

Click Here to Buy ClearFlask Pitchground Lifetime deal for $27.00

Keep everyone informed – Let your community and stakeholders know what you're up to with your product development.

Release an update – Let everyone know when you release a new feature. Discuss changes within your community and subscribe to new updates.

Respond to suggestions – Directly respond to customers regarding their requests and keep them updated with the current status quo.

Status updates – Let customers subscribe to updates on specific feature requests.

Maintain two-way communication – Feedback from a customer you can reach out to is important for addressing their needs. Allow them to be notified using their preferred least-disruptive communication channel.

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