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CL1CK Pitchground: Analyzing your website data is a challenging task. There is just too much information to absorb in the right way. When website visitors like your layout and design, they are more likely to convert, but how do you know what your visitors actually like?

Track user behaviour data with clear visualisation of user intent with heatmaps, scroll maps, and session recordings.

A Website Analytics Platform That Automates Web Data Analysis & Tracks User Behaviour And Provides AI-Driven Insights.

CL1CK tracks user behaviour and provides AI-driven recommendations to optimise your website by efficiently summarizing relevant metrics, CL1CK helps you save time in data aggregation and visualization to understand how your website is performing.

Click Here to Buy CL1CK Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $49.00

CL1CK Pitchground

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Track User Behaviour Data – Automated tracking of over 50 user metrics. Benchmarked against industry standards to flag any issues.

Visualize User Behaviour – Understand user intent and behaviours with heatmaps, scroll maps and session recordings. Organize user data with easy-to-understand customizable visuals.

Discover AI-Driven Solutions – Identify where you are underperforming compared to industry standards. Obtain automated suggestions on underperforming metrics.

Anomaly Detection – Track Over 50 User Metrics. Automated analysis of over 50 user metrics. CL1CK benchmark your metrics against industry standards and flag underperforming metrics.

Heatmaps, Scrollmaps & Session Recordings – Visualise User Intent & BehaviourSession Recordings. See what your users are doing and where they are dropping off. CL1CK’s automated summaries of session recordings make your web analytics process quick and efficient.

Click Here to Buy CL1CK Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Form Analytics – Understand visitors’ reactions to your lead forms. Discover why your web visitors are abandoning your lead forms and improve your conversion rates.

Product Upsell – Identify best product combinations to maximise revenue opportunities with Machine Learning. . See if you have any products that will sell better together.

Based on your customers’ transaction history, CL1CK uses Machine Learning to identify the most popular combination of products to maximize your revenue.

Button Analytics – Discover which buttons work best. See if your buttons are getting clicked and how visitors interpret them!

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