China grapples with worst heatwave in 60 years: Factories ordered to close

BEIJING: Due to severe heat wave in China, the government has ordered factories to close for 6 days to avoid power shortage. China has experienced the hottest temperature in 60 years. Currently, the temperature here is a scorching 40 degrees Celsius. Due to the severe heat waves, the people are suffering because they cannot bear it.

China grapples with worst heatwave in 60 years
Due to this, people have started using fans and air conditioners more in offices and homes. Due to this there is a risk of power shortage. The amount of electricity produced by hydropower plants has also decreased. Sichuan, one of China’s largest provinces, is most affected by the heat.

In this case, the government has ordered to stop production in all factories in 19 out of 21 cities here. The move has been taken to ensure adequate power supply to residential areas as factories are closed.

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