Valve's Survey Suggest Chinese is Stream's Most Liked Language

Valve’s Survey Suggest Chinese is Steam’s Most Liked Language

Simplified Chinese has become the essential language demographics on Steam, according to the outcomes of Valve’s December 2019 Steam Hardware and Software survey.

Every month, this optional survey collects primary system configuration data on a portion of Steam’s 90 million month-to-month active users ranging from what CPU they’re utilizing to how much free space gamers have on their hard drive.

This survey further collects data on what language users have their Steam client set to, and, till now, English was the dominant selection, typically representing around 30 to 40% of users.

That has modified as Simplified Chinese language customers rocketed as much as the number one spot in December 2019. Simplified Chinese is now the language of selection for 37.8 % of Steam users who participated in the survey, climbing a significant 14.4% within the last month’s survey.

As a result, English customers contracted to 30.4%.

It seems this is perhaps the first time that Simplified Chinese has eclipsed English as the predominant language on Steam.

This further coincides with an increasing number of Chinese-only video games climbing Steam’s top sellers’ list.

In 2019, life sim Chinese Parents and technique RPG Scroll of Taiwu both turned enormous successes, each selling over a million copies regardless of not being available in English.

More recently, open-world RPG Sands of Salzaar became a breakout hit, selling more than 50,000 copies in less than a week.