New Rank Levels In Apex Legends For Even Higher Rewards

New Rank Levels In Apex Legends For Even Higher Rewards

Respawn introduced the addition of a new ranked mode to Apex Legends at EA Play 2019. The concept behind the ranked mode is to create higher quality games, by matching players of similar skill levels collectively. However, until today, we didn’t have many details on how the mode would work. On Monday, the day before season 2 launches, Respawn released a post detailing how Apex Legends’ ranked mode will work.

The mode will have six different Leagues that players could have the chance to climb by. Every rank will have four divisions. Each participant will start in Bronze IV, the lowest rank, and the lowest division. From there, players should earn Ranked Factors (RP) to level up. The ranked Leagues begin at Bronze and go to Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and finish at Apex Predator, which has no divisions.

Each match, players will earn RP for issues like getting kills, which will probably be worth 1RP every with a cap of five per match, and finishing high. If gamers end in the top 10, they’ll achieve 2RP, the highest five might be worth 4RP, the highest three will be worth 7RP, and finishing first will give 12RP. Which means in any match a player can earn up to 17RP. For every match a player queues for they’ll also have an entry fee relying on their rank.

The entry charges are as follows:

Bronze matches are free

Silver matches require 1RP

Gold matches require 2RP

Platinum matches require 3RP

Diamond matches require 4RP

Apex Predator matches require 5RP

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